Monday, July 31, 2017

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Dear Family & Friends:

7/25 Tuesday
Zone Conference. Zone Conference went pretty well today, but it never goes without a mistake haha. Today we could not get the mics to work. That is always fun. Tonight we had a few minutes before a lesson and so we went and saw a man in the ward named Brother Bos. He was baptized a few years ago and is from Belgium. He was baptized 30 days after stepping foot on the USA. It is way nice because Brother Bos speaks French and so Elder Renel and him had a hoot. Brother Bos has three kids and a wife that aren't members of the church. They have been closed off, but hopefully, with Elder Renel being able to speak their own language, he will be able to connect with them!

7/26 Wednesday
Zone Conference once again! And today was definitely eventful haha. As we sat down for lunch a noticed Elder Renel acting a little weird.  He was eating real slow and was very delayed in his movement but classic Elder Call thought to himself, "that is strange he'll probably be alright" and I went to get things set up for the second half of the zone conference. Well before I knew the entire gym was dead silent and there was President and Sister Soderburg around Elder Renel. I guess Elder Renel tried standing up and went completely white and almost went down but was caught in time. We took him to a couch in the hallway where he fell asleep and was out for like two hours. We loaded him in the car and he spent the rest of the day sleeping until dinner time and then he woke up, so we got back to work and had a great night! They don't know what happened to him but he is doing well now. We saw Ken tonight and he had a rough week. On Sunday his niece (who has bad autism) had to go to the ER because of pneumonia and some other stuff. Then yesterday Ken got his mo-ped stolen.  He has to walk to and from work which takes him like 45 minutes and he doesn't have a ride to church anymore... bummer. Something super exciting is that we got in contact with Dan again after like 2 months! He is great and we will be teaching him tomorrow. As we were walking back to the car tonight, a 20 year old started yelling, 'hey Christian people, hey Christian people."  We started talking with him and he said that he wanted us to go see him on Friday. He is a little awkward and followed us all the way to our car and once we drove off he then continued on his way.

7/27 Thursday
Thankfully nothing eventful happened today at Zone Conference and we can take a little bit of a breath now that it is over. We had been asked by the ward council to start visiting a returning inactive man that served a mission in Europe somewhere. We decided we would give it a shot to invite the less active guy to come fellowship Dan and it was soooo perfect! I was pumped about the lesson because it not only strengthened Dan, but the member as well! We visited the Myers kids tonight and unfortunately the mom said that it was fine if we teach them and that they come to church but they can't be baptized until they show they are ready, so hopefully they will tell their mom all the things they are learning. There is a girl named Mireya that is a good friend of the Myers that always sits in on the lessons and comes to church. Mireya's mom is so ready for the gospel but it is hard to be able to teach her because she is a little closed off. Tonight we offered to do service and we were able to help them and their attitude towards us changed completely and she said, "you know I am going to have to have a discussion with you guys sometime!” Haha it was perfect!

7/28 Friday
Zone Conference is over but we had TNMT meeting. I thought it went well. We had a lesson with Janice and Joseph tonight on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We drew a little sketch:

What a wonderful opportunity it is to partake the sacrament each week to be able to repent and strive to do better and in return have the spirit in our lives to help us throughout the next week until we can partake of the sacrament once again!

7/29 Saturday
Today I was on exchanges with Elder Ebert. Elder Ebert is a super good missionary. He has baptized a ton and should be an assistant haha. We had a super fun time and we had a lot of success. We had a good time!

7/30 Sunday
Ken came to church today, as well as a man named Bob Smith and the Myers came! It was great!

- Elder Call NLVWM

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