Monday, January 15, 2018

Nevada Facts

Nevada Facts

Capital: Carson City
Population: 3 million
State bird: Middle Finger
State Flower: marijuana leaf

Well... this week was something special... It was a roller coaster. Here are a few of the things that went down.

Companion threw up because we had to go clean an old missionary apartment and it was bad...
Almost got ran over by a car and then the dude yelled at US haha
Rode around in a down pour of rain for two days.
I got a call and was asked to baptize Ken Hestor. Saturday we went to his baptism and got to see Joseph and Janice!
Got diagnosed with A.D.D. by a less active guy.
Went to a family and they let us in and set their son with a baptismal date!
A guy told us that we work for the government and are tracking him...

We got to speak in Sacrament Meeting on missionary work. It went well. Elder Goold was so nervous, but he did a super good job. We had a lot of success this week.  We did some service for a super nice lady that we want to start to teach, but we will see haha. We were able to give a blessing to a man that was really struggling that is a friend of a less active family we are working with!

Well that is about it folks!

Love ya lots.

The Las Vegas Stake Presidency has all missionaries serving in their stake come over for breakfast once a month or once a transfer.  This is a picture of the missionaries at the last breakfast. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Area, New Comp

No journal this week. Just a weekly update.

There were 11 missionaries coming into the mission this past week and 9 went home.  I am training a new missionary and will be the District Leader in my area.

I am serving in the WestCliff and Palmhurst Wards, Las Vegas Stake. They are great wards and they have lots of potential. My new companion is Elder Goold.  He is from Portland, Oregon.  He has seven siblings and he is the first to serve from his family. We have been biking like crazy. It is definitely different than being in a car. This week we have contacted several of our investigators. Elder Goold’s introduction to Las Vegas was a few ‘f’ bombs and lots of yelling, then followed by a lesson that was a non-contentious Bible bash. Haha

We have an investigator named Vernon. We got him to come to church and three-fourths of the way through Fast and Testimony Meeting, he got up and bore his testimony.  Afterwards, he said he loved our church and he wanted to come every week. He is super awesome and we hope to set a baptismal date for him this upcoming week. The members were really great reaching out and fellowshipping him.

This week was a great week. Sorry for the short email.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2 Weeks With Lots of Changes

Dear Family & Friends:

12/19 Tuesday
Today we had a lesson and dinner with Jerry. I am not sure if I have ever told you about him. Jerry is in his sixties and is quite wealthy. He owns his own little cul-de-sac with four homes. All of his family lives in the homes. We found Jerry while we went to try to contact his son who is an inactive member... and I mean inactive haha. Jerry started talking to us and the rest is history.  We go over like once a week and we helped him with his Christmas lights last Saturday and so he wanted to take us to dinner. Jerry attended the Mormon Church for 5 years and never was baptized and then he got offended. We had a great discussion and invited him to church and he should be able to make it on Sunday!

12/20 Wednesday
Dave and Katie!! Today was the first day of the Mission Zone Conference. It was a long, busy day, and kind of stressful, but everything worked out well. Tonight we had a super, amazing lesson with David and Katie. They’ve made so much progress since the first time we met them. We had a nail in prayer with them tonight and Katie started crying. They said they’re going to be at church on Sunday and so hopefully they keep that commitment.

12/21 Thursday
Today we went and taught the Saladino family. We asked Clayton (nonmember) what his thoughts were about the Restoration of the Gospel and of things we taught. He said, “you know, I have been to a lot of church’s and none of them feel quite right, but the more I learn and have gone to the Mormon Church the more it is clearer and makes more sense!” We invited him to church and he said that he works but if he gets off early he will be there. We told him that we would be praying every day until Sunday, that he would get off early and be able to come to church, so hopefully we’ll see!

12/22 Friday
We saw Jerry today and he is doing well. We are trying super hard to get him to commit to come to church but we can’t get anything super solid. We asked him to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and he texted tonight and said he read it!

12/23 Saturday
Today we went tracking for a couple hours. Received some success, found some super awesome people. It was a lot of fun. Today President Walker called us and asked if we would meet him at the mission home.  There President called me in and released me from being an assistant. He said that most likely I will be training a new missionary. I will miss being around President and Sister Walker so much!

12/24 Sunday
We started the morning at the Heimark’s before church. We had breakfast with them and we then went to church. Brother Heimark’s parents are in town from Montana and so we were able to meet them! They are super nice and they all came to church! The Alexander Ward had their Christmas program and it was a packed house.  There were lots of less actives and nonmembers in attendance.

12/25 Monday, Christmas Day
Well, I got to talk to the family today! It was sure good to see them and talk to them! I am blessed to have such a great family! We made cookies and went and dropped them off to our investigators! They loved it, but who knows if they dare eat them! 😂 We had a prime rib dinner tonight and my slice of meat was probably a good inch and a half thick!

12/26 Tuesday
Today was a pretty normal day. It was p-day today. We went shopping and played spike ball and basketball. This morning we met at the office with President and Elder van Vleet was called as the new assistant. Starting Thursday, I will be with Elder Erickson from Alaska. We taught Clayton and the Saladinos tonight and invited Clayton to be baptized. They were so excited because they thought there was a waiting period of a year to six months to be baptized! Hey

12/27 Wednesday
Well things changed again. haha We got a call from President and we had to meet him at a missionaries apartment first thing this morning because a missionary was getting sent home. Elder Jensen went to the airport with President and I began my one-week companionship with Elder Erickson. I look forward to serving with him. He is a good Elder that has a lot of potential. We taught Dave and Katie tonight and they are doing really well.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation and we got David to pray at the end of the lesson. He told us he has had some “coincidences” happen in his life that he can’t explain, but they have led him to us and us to him. He said that he has told Katie about them but he hasn’t decided if he will ever tell us haha! They are an amazing family!

12/28 Thursday
It has been pretty crazy the last couple of days. We shuttle Elder Jensen back and forth from the office so he and Elder van Vleet can do transfer planning and then Elder Erickson and I work both our area and the Spanish area! We meet with an inactive member that lives in our area but only speaks Spanish and so Elder Erickson talked the whole time in Spanish! He will be attending church this Sunday!
Elder Erickson, Elder Jensen, Elder Call

12/29 Friday
Elder Jensen came down sick today but he is pushing through it so they can be ready for transfers.

12/30 Saturday
The apartment Elder Erickson used to live in was quite a mess, so for the last few days during our lunch and dinner times we eat as fast as we can so that we can clean and man, my mom would be so proud of how clean we are getting this apartment! It is a complete 180! We taught Clayton again tonight and he is stoked to get baptized. He told us he was super excited and so he called his mom and told her (she is a Jehovah Witness). I guess it did not go over well but Clayton told us that he knows it is just an obstacle Satan is trying to throw at him! We got a text tonight that said, “hey Elder Call Ken Hestor is getting baptized next Saturday and would like you to be there” I was so stoked to hear Ken was getting baptized! I worked with him for 6 months and he is finally ready for baptism! President called me in today and called me to be a trainer as well as a district leader. I will be going back to the Las Vegas Zone, right next door to where I started my mission!

12/31 Sunday
Elder Jensen got real sick today. We didn’t attend Alexander Ward today because he was so sick. Elder Erickson came down with it as well, so it was an interesting day. There were a couple highlights though! David, Katie, and Reese came to church today! Every talk was on the same thing and it went 30 minutes over but hey it was alright haha.... they enjoyed it! We also taught a lesson in the Rainbow Vista Ward about the Book of Mormon and that went well! I can understand quite a bit of the Spanish and know what they are talking about but I can’t say a thing back to the conversation haha!

1/1 Monday
Today we had to run a couple things around in prep of transfers. We taught a guy named Carlos and a guy named Nick as well as the Heimarks. Nick is a super smart genius science dude and so that was pretty interesting haha. He was talking and I was nodding a little as he was talking and he was like “you are not supposed to agree with me, you are supposed to tell me that I am wrong and then prove and sway me a different way.” Well teaching the gospel works different than a science class! Haha the Heimarks lesson went really well, it was tough to say goodbye to them. I have grown to love them a lot.

Love ya!
Elder Call

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

No Letter Today

Hey, I left my iPad at the church and my weekly journal is on it and I won’t be getting it back til tonight. I am super sorry there isn’t going to be a letter. I had one written up.

Love ya lots!
Elder Call

Editors Note:

We got to talk to Ben yesterday and enjoyed our visit with him.  He told us that he is being released as AP.  There are lots of changes coming in the next week or so.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Ordinary Week

12/11 Monday
Today was a pretty normal p-day. We did not meet with President Walker because he got the flu, so we had extra time today to do our preparation day activities. We had a pretty ordinary night nothing too crazy.

12/12 Tuesday
Today we went to district meetings. The district meetings we attended needed a little bit of polishing, so we will be meeting with those district leaders tomorrow. The highlight of today was teaching Art. Art was a referral from a member in the Town Center Ward! That’s right the ol’ stomping grounds! Art, the Hardy’s (the Town Center members) and us had a great lesson! It was pretty humbling teaching him, because he has had a rough past, but is up on his feet now and is a great guy. He drives forklifts and does construction for a living, so we get along well!

12/13 Wednesday
Today I was on exchanges with Elder Nemrow. He is from a town about the size of Grover, Wyoming, out in the no mans of New Mexico. We had a good day.  We taught AG. He is the super dope guy that makes flip flops that Elder Jensen and I taught in our last area! It was a good time!

We had a super cool experience this week. We knocked on a less active member family’s door and they let us in. We started to teach them a short spiritual thought and the dad showed up and joined us. At the end we invited the father to say a kneeling prayer with us. He was quite nervous, but said it and said a very heartfelt prayer.  At the end of the visit we asked what we could do for them. They all looked at the son-in-law and said, “well, we have a Jehovah Witness in the house, so you can help with that.” We started talking to him and he said, “that his grandfather told him that if he ever looked into religion, look into the Mormons” haha! He wants us to start teaching him and they are coming to church this upcoming week!

Overall it was a great week. I am looking forward to Christmas and I look forward to talking to all of you. I’m short on time today, so I will just talk to you next week.
Love you

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Weekly Report

12/4 Monday
Today we made Christmas cards! We took a few photos with President and Sister Walker and then had some fun in our apartment! Tonight we had a super good lesson with a Samoan family tonight. The spirit was strong as we testified of eternal families! The grandma of the family is a member and lives on the east side and she has always been trying to get them to take the lessons so hopefully it will continue.

12/6 Wednesday
Today we had MLC and we did a year review. Tonight we had a dinner with a nonmember family! They are doing well! When we showed up, the husband said they had started to cook the hamburger and there was a latex glove in it... haha gross. They ran to the store and bought some more hamburger, thankfully! It has been cool to see that the first time we met them, and they honestly were not too happy to be talking to us, but they have made a 180 and love us now!

12/7 Thursday
I was on an exchange with Elder Smith from Minnesota today! He is a great Elder and we had a good day. We taught Henry and his girlfriend tonight and we had a kneeling prayer with them at the end. Henry said it and it was sooo awesome! The spirit was strong and Kathy was really touched as well!

12/9 Saturday
So tonight we received a referral from an inactive member in the ward. His house is in a crazy nice community with million dollar homes and it is gated, so we were a little nervous to go knock on this door but we did anyways. I went up and knocked on the door and it just opened up by itself.... haha we were like oh crap hurry and ring the doorbell!! So then this little kid comes to the door and then a dad comes and yells at the kid for opening the door! Haha the little kid says dad I didn’t do it haha the guy is like hey guys I am watching 5 kids tonight by myself can you come back later haha it was nerve racking!

😉😉 have a great week!

Editors Note:

A note and a picture was sent on while getting this ready to post.  Here is the note and picture:

"Got to spend the evening with your son with a new investigator.  Your son is an amazing missionary!  I just thought you would like to see a picture of him.  You should be a very proud mama."

Monday, December 4, 2017

Super, Super Good

The weekly.

Well this week was a super good week. On Tuesday, Elder Jensen and I were driving down the busiest road in our area. We saw a car ahead with its hazards on and two ladies pushing it down the road. We knew without a doubt we had to stop and help. Pulled into a little business hopped out of the truck and ran to the rescue. We were in quite some hurry to get the car out of the road because if we got rear-ended at 50 miles an hour, we probably would’ve been dead. Elder Jensen and I started pushing this car at a full run, thinking that we would be taking the next right and park the car. But, as we continued to push the car, the lady said we got to make it to the gas station. I looked up and saw a Chevron down the way but it definitely was a good little run pushing a car. By the time we made it, Elder Call was beat... haha The ladies said that Elder Jensen was like the Incredible Hulk. They didn’t say much about me....
Elder Call & Elder Jensen

Henry is struggling a little bit or a lot a bit. He is really struggling to keep his commitments and so we aren’t quite sure what to do with him.

AJ and fam
We had a super, super good lesson with AJ this week.  He felt the Spirit and definitely knows that the gospel of Jesus Christ could truly bless his family. We shared the children’s Bible video on the Atonement and asked his 10-year-old boy some questions, such as, why do you think Jesus Christ did all of that for us? His responses truly did touch me and I had to hold it together.  It was a great lesson. We texted him to follow up on his Book of Mormon reading and it was exciting to hear that he’s already read the first eight chapters in the last couple of days. We hope that he comes to church next week so that he can make his date for the end of December.

The Williams
They are a part number family that we’ve been visiting on occasion.  On Sunday night we had a super, super, good visit with them. We shared the “Light the World” video and they loved the service ideas. They are truly warming up to us and definitely have lots of potential. They are super great.

The Hiemarks
They came to church with us last week to hear us speak. It was super awesome to have them there. I have really connected with this family and I really hope that they continue to progress. It would be amazing to see them change.

This week Elder Juan Uceda of the Quorum of the Seventy came to our mission. I had the opportunity to conduct a meeting. It was a little nerve-racking to be honest, but after the first few moments, thankfully, the nerves calmed. During President Walker’s opening remarks, Elder Uceda leaned over and asked what do the missionaries need, I told him and he got up and gave an hour and half training on what I had said. I was sweating bullets because if I was wrong, it would have been a big waste of time for the mission. We biked last night and it was crazy windy.  We thought it was going to be cold so I wore a big coat and sweated super bad haha. My shirt was like see through haha!
President & Sister Walker, Elder Jensen, Elder Call

Hair cut from last week.  Elder Jensen is a pro.