Monday, July 16, 2018


I am not going to send any weekly’s anymore and leave you guys curious with what happens my last little bit so I will have something exciting to tell you about in the drive home!

To Evan, he wrote:  " week was full of working and fishing...for people not fish.  We did have a couple of good catches though.  Chris committed to be baptized with Cipriana. And we are starting to teach another two new families!  Things are going well and the members in one of our wards are freaking out because of all the work that we have done.  haha"

Let everyone know I am doing well! 😁

Love ya!

Elder Call, friend Adam, Elder Rabago

South Diamond Zone--best zone in mission

Monday, July 9, 2018

Another Solid Week!

The weeks are passing as if they were days and this week was another solid week. We have lots of progression in our investigators.

To give you an update on the Bovill family:
We invited them to be baptized Saturday night, July 28th and they said, “well, no, try again another time.” haha. They told us though that when they are in they are going to be all in so they just want to be 100 percent sure this is what they want! Cipriana decided on Monday night she was going to fast to help her try to figure out what is causing all of the health problems she has. For the 4th of July, they went to one of the member’s house for a party. Then on Thursday, when we taught them Cipriana told us about how awesome she felt that morning as she attended a Book of Mormon study with some of the sisters in the ward. On Saturday, they came to a baptism and they both loved that. After the baptism they were talking to President Walker and Cipriana let us know that she was on board to be baptized on July 28th. Now we just have to get Chris on board. They told us that they were going to do it together no matter what. On Friday they also went to Deseret Book and bought a set of scriptures, as well as, several other books about the church.

Nothing too crazy to report on Aubrey. We also talked to her about baptism on July 28th and she is on board. She was with members almost every single day this week hanging out so that was great.

I went on an exchange with Elder Couch this week and it threw us back to the MTC days haha. We had a good day tracting in the 112° heat, we found some super awesome people and had a lot of fun!

The work in this area is super great! We had 6 investigators at church and members continue to give us referrals. It has been super awesome the last couple weeks. When President transferred me down to this zone, he said, that it had been the lowest baptizing zone for months and he wanted to see that change. This zone in the month of June was the highest and will take the cake again in July. We started the month off with 7 baptisms on Saturday! The Lord has blessed our zone!

Elder Call

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Release Letter / TB info

2 July 2018

Dale and|BethAnn Call       
91266 US Hwy 89
P.O. Box 186
Grover, WY 83122

Dear Dale and BethAnn Call,

Your son, Elder Benjamin Dee Call, will return home after having served faithfully in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.  He will depart for home on 01 Aug 2018.  You should have received His flight itinerary if the missionary is flying home, and a letter concerning tuberculosis testing.  Upon his arrival home, he will need to be interviewed by his stake president who will officially release him as a full-time missionary, and present to him a release certificate.

He has been a faithful missionary, has accepted assignments cheerfully, and has worked hard to achieve the goals he has set.  He has worked with priesthood leaders and members and has shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with many people.

His family and the Church have been represented well.  You should be very pleased with his service and efforts.  Significant changes have come to your son as he has served the Savior.  He will have many experiences to share with you and your family.

We are grateful to have had your son serve with us.  Your support has been a great blessing to him as he has served in this mission.  May our Father in Heaven continue to bless you, and may you experience a joyful reunion with Elder Call .


Martin N. Walker
President, Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

02 Jul 2018

Elder Call ,

Tuberculosis is a serious disease caused by bacteria that attacks and destroys the lungs and other organs in the body causing disability or death.  It is spread through the air from person to person.  You may have been exposed to tuberculosis while serving your mission and not even know it.  If you were infected during your mission, the disease may progress to active tuberculosis with persistent cough, fever or night sweats, weight loss fatigue, and weakness.  In most cases, however, the body's immune system contains the infection (this is referred to as latent tuberculosis).  There is a 10 percent chance that the disease may reactivate later.  It is important, therefore, that you are tested for tuberculosis on returning to your home.

Before beginning missionary service, you should have had a skin test for tuberculosis (PPD test or something similar) or a chest X-ray.  After returning home you should go to your doctor's office or a public health facility to have another PPD skin test.  This will determine if you have been infected with the tuberculosis bacteria.  If the skin test is negative, you have not been infected with tuberculosis.

However, if you have been infected, the skin test will become positive, and there will be redness and swelling where the material was injected into the skin.  A chest X-ray should be done if the skin test converts from negative to positive.  If the skin test was positive before your mission and infection occurred during your mission, the redness and swelling will be greater.  A chest X-ray should be done.  An abnormal chest X-ray requires further testing to determine if there is active tuberculosis.  When the skin test has changed but the chest X-ray is normal, this indicates latent tuberculosis.  Current medical practices in the United States, Canada, and some other countries, is to offer treatment with Isoniazid (INH), one 300 mg tablet per day, for nine months to reduce the number of bacteria lying inactive in the body, thereby reducing the possibility of ever developing active disease.

It is your personal responsibility to be tested for tuberculosis.  Testing for tuberculosis cannot be overemphasized and should be high on your list of things to do soon after you return home.


Martin N. WalkerPresident, Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

Monday, July 2, 2018

Busy and Crazy

Hey Family & Friends:

6/25 Monday
Tonight we had another lesson with Chris and Cipriana! At Stake Conference yesterday there was a lot of discussion regarding the temple. So tonight we taught about the temple and the different aspects of the temple. It went alright but not as good as we were hoping. They felt the Spirit and understood what we were teaching, so that was definitely a good thing! They are both still moving along in the Book of Mormon! Chris is now starting Mosiah.

6/26 Tuesday
We had a lesson with Aubrey tonight! It was a good lesson. Her boys Eli and Mattix are pretty crazy haha. The entire time we are there they fight like crazy and remind me of what is was probably like between Dallin and myself! We taught her about the Priesthood and organization of the church as well as prophets! 

6/27 Wednesday
Today, I was on an exchange with Elder Bickham. He is in a bike area so we were cruising around today on the bikes. We taught a guy that owns a very successful tattoo shop here in town. This guy is super cool, he needs a lot of life style changes, but he believes in the Restoration and the Book of Mormon so that is a start.

6/28 Thursday
Tonight was crazy. We taught Chris and Cipriana the Word of Wisdom. We had a member of the Stake Presidency there, as well as the Weiland’s. Before the lesson Chris was like I have a question. He then talked about how he thinks it is cool how every worthy male has the opportunity to have the Priesthood. He was like during Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry he didn’t chose the super smart and educated Pharisees, He called more or less the “nobodies.” He then told us that because of the restoration, it came full circle back to the way it was!  After that we taught the Word of Wisdom. When we asked them to commit to live it, it went really quiet for a long time and then Chris proceed to tells us he was indifferent about it and kind of dodged the question. We turned to Cipriana and asked her. She started to cry and told us about how she is having a lot of eating issues and goes through a lot of pain and the two things she looks forward to are her coffee and her wine because those thing don’t make her body react. She was like, you guys are asking me to give up two of my main joys... we left it at that and gave her a priesthood blessing which was amazing because Chris was able to see the Priesthood in action.

6/29 Friday
Today we got a text from the Weiland’s saying that Chris and Cipriana had talked about it last night after our lesson and were going to give up coffee and alcohol!!! That was such a big step for them! Elder Rabago is having a few health concerns so we spent a good portion of today at the doctors. Tonight we interviewed the Palafox family for baptism. They are a great family and will be great members!

7/1 Sunday
There has been a series of events that have really been a blessing and a miracle for Chris and Cipriana and we are way proud of them! Aubrey is back reading the Book of Mormon again and progressing! We had a lesson with her tonight at the Bishop’s house and that went really well but we weren’t able to cover everything we wanted because the members had plenty to say haha. Tonight we had a youth discussion! We had several nonmembers and like 30+ youth! The entire stake presidency showed up so that was cool to. I will send a pic!

The week has been busy and crazy with a few things but that is ok because that is mission life.

Love ya!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Working Hard

6/19 Tuesday
Today was transfers and Elder Waters (one of the elders that we live with) got transferred. Elder Bickham will be training, so he is staying with us for today and tomorrow. Tonight, we had a lesson with a man in Elder Bickham’s area named Joe. He is a super awesome guy and has taken the missionary discussions for years. We had a spiritually uplifting lesson talking about receiving answers from God.

6/20 Wednesday
We picked up the new missionary today and his name is Elder Daum. He is from Minnesota and he is a complete genius. He got like a 35 on his ACT and is big into reading and chemistry. He seems like he will be a good missionary. Tonight we finally taught Aubrey again. She has had a lot happen the last week and a half. We retaught the Plan of Salvation and talked to her about her baptism. She has lost some progress and so she isn’t ready to be baptized yet and so we are going to have to push her date back again... She is still super solid and wants to be baptized!

6/21 Thursday
We taught Chris and Cipriana tonight about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how living the gospel will help them receive blessings from God such as an eternal family. It was super cool because during the lesson Cipriana turned to Chris and was like, “Do you want to be with me FOREVER?” And there was a lengthy pause and then Chris says, “I can’t imagine not being with you forever.” We invited them to be baptized and they said that they both absolutely love the church and it is what they are looking for, but they don’t feel they know enough. Chris had read all of 1 Nephi and all of 2 Nephi! He is on fire!

6/22 Friday
Today, we went to teach Ralph but he wasn’t feeling good and so we ended up teaching Lalli. Lalli is his girlfriend. She is super awesome and has a strong desire to do what is right. She works on Sundays but wants to come to church, so we will be praying for that! Tonight we taught the Davis family and they will be going to church on Sunday with their grandparents

6/23 Saturday
Not much happened besides Elder Rabago got bit by a dog Haha. It was hilarious. It drew a little blood but nothing crazy!

6/24 Sunday
Today was Stake Conference and the Bovill’s came. It was a good conference and talked a lot about the temple and so tomorrow we have a ton of questions to answer! Haha.

Just working hard and getting my money’s worth, as President Walker would say. I love missionary work.

Elder Call

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Power of a Testimony

Dear Family & Friends:

6/12 Tuesday
Today was crazy! We tracted some this afternoon and it was pretty slow going. Tonight we taught the Estrada family. We had invited them to church but they had bailed on us. It was a really good visit tonight though, because they were very open to us. They pretty much said, hey we want to convert and begin in this journey, but we need a little bit more guidance along this path! They asked us about our conversion stories and why we do what we do, so we were able to share our testimonies with them. After the lesson, we were driving down the main road in our area and as we approached an intersection there was a car that didn’t see us and pulled out in front of us. Elder Rabago slammed on the brakes and then realized he wasn’t going to stop in time so he turned the wheel and we luckily were able to turn out of it and miss the car. It was crazy.

6/13 Wednesday
Tonight we had another lesson with the Estrada family. We read about Lehi’s dream and applied it to today’s world and their life, it went great! We also taught Chris and Cipriana tonight. The Weilands, (their fellowshippers) were out of town this week, so it was just us and them. Tonight was the lesson where we got the question, “so are all other church’s wrong and yours is right?” It was a little iffy at times in the lesson but it turned out good in the end!

6/14 Thursday
This morning we did our weekly planning session. After that we started knocking and just got baked in the sun haha. We taught this guy the restoration, but he wasn’t interested the entire time, so that was a little awkward. Tonight we went out with one of our bishops and knocked some part member doors and some good success came from that.

6/15 Friday
This morning we had a lesson with Ralph. Ralph is from Nicaragua and has a brother that is a member of the church. He is good guy and has desires to change and do good but he has a hard time actually falling through with the commitments we extend. Ralph and his family just got a German Shepherd puppy and it pretty funny to hear Ralph talk about it because it stresses him out like crazy. This afternoon the second door we knocked on was a guy named Lamont. Lamont had gotten in a car wreck two months ago and was almost killed. We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation and he was super interested. He was like man a light-bulb just went off and this is why God still has me here! We are going to teach him on Tuesday!

6/17 Sunday
Friends of Elder Call on Trek
Today we had 2 people at church. It wasn’t the best but next week we will have a bunch hopefully! It was Father’s Day today and I am very grateful for my dad and the lessons he taught me and the example he is. Tonight we got transfer calls.... Elder Rabago and I are staying together!!!!!!! We are soooooo stoked. We were super worried that we were going to split up but definitely a blessing from the Lord haha! We were doing a little victory dance in the street! Got to give a shout out to Aunt Dani this week for meeting a bunch of ward members! Yes, those people all live in the ward where I serve! They are super awesome! There were a ton of people that came to me and were like we met your aunt we met your aunt haha! (Side note:  Aunt Danielle Call and cousin Emi, went to Martin’s Cove with their ward.  While there, they met a group from Las Vegas.  Dani asked them if they knew Elder Call.  Dani told me (mom), “The whole group went crazy like he was a famous person! He is serving in their ward. It was awesome!  These 3 (in the picture) came over to talk to me more….Every one adores your boy!)

6/18 Monday
Today was super awesome! We had a lesson with Chris and Cipriana tonight. The other day we had taught them about the gospel and things didn’t go super well, so tonight we focused on the importance of gaining a testimony of Joseph Smith and understanding the necessity of that testimony. We watched the
Restoration film and had a testimony meeting and wow the Spirit was strong! I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I know it. I know that through him the gospel was restored. I love in Helaman chapter 7 verse 29, which states:
29 Behold now, I do not say that these things shall be, of myself, because it is not of myself that I know these things; but behold, I know that these things are true because the Lord God has made them known unto me, therefore I testify that they shall be.
I know that God answers prayers.

Elder Call

Monday, June 11, 2018


 Well this last week was a great week.  Here is an update on our investigators.

Chris and Cipriana
We taught them twice this last week. Both lessons went very well. Chris is done with First Nephi and Cipriana is through the first 14 chapters. On Sunday they didn't end up coming to church because they are shopping around for churches. It was good though because they absolutely hated the other church so that Is another tally in our favor! Chris said that he is really enjoying this journey that they have been on. On Sunday we had dinner at their house (it was super awesome), but anyway, their 18-year-old daughter was super standoffish; she listened in to our lesson from the other room and by the end she was super nice to us and talking with is. haha

She is as great as always! We moved her date to the 30th because of stake conference and the lessons are going well!

Estrada family:
We had an awesome lesson with them this week. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and invited them to come to church.  They said they were all in and that they were looking forward to it. On Saturday, we ended up getting a text from them and they said they weren't quite ready to make the step to come to church. It was kind of a bummer but we are going to continue working with them!

Davis family:
We didn't see them this week because they were out of town. The members that live right next door to them though told us that they posted a picture of our drawing of the Plan of Salvation on Instagram! It was pretty cool to hear some of our investigators sharing the gospel!

Hernandez/Reed family
On Friday we talked to one of the daughters, Jaden. She told us that she has been reading out of the Book of Mormon and enjoys it! We're excited for their family to continue to accept the gospel.

Reminder:  Next week is transfers—No letter until Tuesday.

South Diamond Zone
Best zone in the mission.