Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Flight Plans

Flight Plans for Ben to come home came today in an e-mail, which read:

If there are any changes between now and August 1St, I will send the updated itinerary.

 Sister Rands
Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

From: USMissions
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 10:16 AM
To: Nevada Las Vegas West Mission <2010577@ldschurch.org>
Subject: Return Travel: CALL/BENJAMIN DEE 01AUG2018 LAS SLC

Illustration of an airplane silhouette

Flights are based on the departure time requested by the mission, airline contracts, and available fares. Please review the itinerary. Electronic tickets have been issued.

Tickets can be canceled or changed at no additional charge until 5pm MT the next business day. After the void period, cancelation or change fees may apply.

Parents: Please contact the mission office for changes to the following itinerary.

Please check in for your flight with valid government issued photo ID to receive your boarding pass.

aiga baggage check in bg

Checked baggage fees may apply. Please be prepared to pay these fees and request your bags be checked to your final destination.

Let us know how we are doing! Go here to complete a 2 minute survey on your experience with Church Travel: Church Travel Office Survey

 Your trip

Booking ref:


Check My Trip

Issued date:

15 May 2018

Baggage Info


Benjamin Dee Call (576806-R)

Robert Jonah Deal (582267-R)

Emalee Obray Estrada (606342-R)

Landan Michael Knowles (581615-R)

Austin Alexander Linton (586798-R)

Travis Scott Nielsen (564480-R)

Kayla Makenzie Rose (601793-R)

Wednesday 01 August 2018

Delta Air Lines DL 1483


01 August 10:38 AM

Las Vegas, (Mccarran International) (+)

Terminal: 1


01 August 01:05 PM

Salt Lake City, (Salt Lake City Intl) (+)

Terminal: 2 - Terminal Unit 2



01:27 (Non stop)


368 Miles

Booking status



Economy (T)

Baggage allowance

2 Piece(s) for Benjamin Dee Call

2 Piece(s) for Robert Jonah Deal

2 Piece(s) for Emalee Obray Estrada

2 Piece(s) for Landan Michael Knowles

2 Piece(s) for Austin Alexander Linton

2 Piece(s) for Travis Scott Nielsen

2 Piece(s) for Kayla Makenzie Rose


27C (No smoking seat) confirmed for Benjamin Dee Call

27D (No smoking seat) confirmed for Robert Jonah Deal

27E (No smoking seat) confirmed for Emalee Obray Estrada

27F (No smoking seat) confirmed for Landan Michael Knowles

26D (No smoking seat) confirmed for Austin Alexander Linton

26E (No smoking seat) confirmed for Travis Scott Nielsen

26F (No smoking seat) confirmed for Kayla Makenzie Rose


BOEING 737-900


Ticket details

E-ticket DL 006-7113287143 for Benjamin Dee Call

E-ticket DL 006-7113287144 for Robert Jonah Deal

E-ticket DL 006-7113287145 for Emalee Obray Estrada

E-ticket DL 006-7113287146 for Landan Michael Knowles

E-ticket DL 006-7113287147 for Austin Alexander Linton

E-ticket DL 006-7113287148 for Travis Scott Nielsen

E-ticket DL 006-7113287149 for Kayla Makenzie Rose


General Information
B/702 312-0511 H/702-254-7590 C/702-289-3128

MISSIONARY TRAVEL (800)537-3537 OR (801)240-5111
EMPLOYEE TRAVEL (800)537-1232 OR (801)240-1000
GENERAL AUTHORITY TRAVEL (800)453-3860 OR (801)240-1000

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

5/9 Wednesday
Today was super awesome! Elder Rabago and I are already seeing a ton of miracles and blessings from the Lord! So yesterday, at Albertson's the lady behind us in line punched in her rewards card for our groceries and so we briefly talked to her. Today, one of the first doors we knocked after lunch was HER door! It was crazy haha. We testified and she felt the spirit strong, it was a cool experience!
Christian- this was a pretty crazy experience, so there was a lady that we started talking to, as she was sitting outside her house. She told us that her mom had converted, as well as, her sister and some others but she hadn’t. She had just moved from Texas and when she lived there with her mom, the missionaries gave her 7-year-old son a Book of Mormon. They brought out the Book and I looked in it and one of the sisters that had signed it was Hannah Carlisle. What a small world. Her son then sang to us, “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.” As crazy as that was, she still told us that it wasn’t her time and that she likes her ways...

5/10 Thursday
Today was sweet.  It was a slower afternoon but the evening made up for it! There is a 10-year-old kid that has come to church a bunch, but just never met with missionaries for some odd reason. We went to his fellow-shipping family and we were like, alright what do we need to do to get him taking the lessons? As we were talking with them, Russell (the 10-year-old) knocked on the door! He came in and we taught him and then his mom came over and we got her on board to have him taught the lessons and baptized! We were stoked.

5/11 Friday
Today was a grind; it felt we knocked a ton of doors and didn’t see much come out of it until tonight. We met this guy named Rocky. Rocky was super touched that we stopped and talked to him and he felt we were sent by God, because he had been dealing with a dilemma and not sure which way to go, but we were able to help him with that. It was cool because all day we had just been praying like crazy to be led to someone!

5/12 Saturday
We taught Russell today and his dad was there and he told us that we could teach Russell but he wouldn’t be getting baptized... bummer, but that is ok, we will still work with them and hope the dad feels the spirit as we teach Russell!

5/13 Sunday
Happy Mother’s Day! The started great by talking to the family. It is good to see the families faces because it seems it has been a long time since I have seen them! Haha  Today at church we had Aubrey come! Aubrey is a member referral that has come to church the last five weeks. We were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized. She wants to super bad but she hasn’t really told her husband much of anything and so it will be a hurdle we have to jump. We promised that God would prepare a way! 1 Nephi 3:7

Love ya!

Editor's Note:  Thought we had pictures of our FaceTime talking, but they did not save to the i-pad.  No pictures, just memories.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

New Assignment

10 May 2018

Dear Elder Call ,

I am pleased to confirm the assignment you have received to serve as a zone leader in the South Diamond Zone.  Elder Raul Rabago will be your companion.

Through willing obedience and hard work, you have demonstrated trustworthiness and faithfulness.  You will now have an opportunity to influence and assist other missionaries to serve more effectively and with more diligence.

It is important to lead with love, kindness, and understanding.  You must be exemplary in keeping mission rules and standards with exactness.

This assignment comes to you through the inspiration of the Lord.  As you prayerfully plan to train and assist district leaders and other missionaries, you will be directed and assisted in the discharge of your duties.

I express my love and confidence as you accept this additional responsibility.  May our Heavenly Father bless you as you continue to serve in your assigned proselyting area and in this leadership role.


Martin N. Walker
President, Nevada Las Vegas West Mission

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Transfer Tuesday

4/30 Monday
Today is the last p-day of this transfer. I can’t believe how fast the time goes. We went the outlet malls and Elder Rivera purchased a pair of Cole Haans. We played some basketball, as well as, some gator ball. Tonight, we taught the Gotchy Family, saw Vernon and prayed with him, because he was in a hurry.  We also went and saw Patsy, who is an older lady that is quite ill, but interested in the gospel.

5/1 Tuesday
The rains came down and the floods came up! Haha This afternoon we were in an appointment and the storm that had brewing that morning finally erupted. The thunder was crazy loud and there was quite a bit of lightning. As we left the one appointment and were heading to the next it all came down haha. The street was flooded and there wasn’t a dry part of my body! Haha We had a ton of appointments today and so we went out in it too much.

Here are a few other things that happened this week. President Walker called me in on Saturday and called me to be a Zone Leader. I found out on Sunday night that I’d be serving in the Durango Heights and Sterling Ridge Wards, in the South Diamond Zone.  President told me he needs me to train leaders.  My new companion will be Elder Rabago! I lived with Elder Rabago for two transfers when I was training Elder Goold. He is from California and is a super awesome missionary we get along super well and we are looking forward to being able to do some good work! I am soooo pumped!

Elder Rivera and I played a little basketball the other day with Fernando and Jason and they beat us and were like “get off our court” and talked some serious trash, so I was disappointed that I couldn’t redeem myself there.

Well, love you all!
Elder Call

These are the good-bye pictures:

Josh & Elder Call

Elder Call and Lomax

Elder Rivera and Elder Call

Monday, April 30, 2018

A Good Week

This week was a good week! The work is going well and transfers will be next week and I figure I will be transferred bit we will see.

Monday 4/23
We went to see Renee, who was the new investigator we found last week. Her mom answered the door and said that she was not available, but that we could teach her! Her name is Diamond; we taught her and she loves what we teach and has a strong desire to grow closer to Jesus Christ. She asked for a Book of Mormon so that she could read it!

Tuesday 4/24
We went running on Tuesday for exercise and here are some pics.
We had district meeting, as well as, interviews with President. We topped that off by having a lesson with Fernando and his wife Jennifer. Their son was sick and so we stayed in the garage and mostly just talked to them about him.

Wednesday 4/25
We had a good lesson with a man that we met tracting. His name was Charles and we had to refer him off because he was just visiting his girlfriend's house, but we gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him the Restoration of the Gospel. Today, we also had another lesson with Diamond. This lesson was absolutely crazy she was quite distraught because her son had just been arrested for two counts of murder the day before on Tuesday... he is 17 😲 We talked about how we can reach to God in the time of trials.  We ended the night by having a lesson with Mason and his mom. They are less active members that we found a couple weeks ago.

Thursday 4/26
Today we had a lesson with an atheist. Those are always quite difficult but she is open and willing to listen. Other than that not much happened.

Friday 4/27
There are these apartments in our area that I have felt strongly about ever since I've been in this area that there is somebody in there waiting for us. We tracked them several weeks back and nothing much came out about it but today we went back to visit a lady that we had met named Nancy. Nancy let us teach her and so we're able to teach her about the restoration and she said she has been looking for a church. She's an older single lady and is very nice we are looking forward to teaching her more.

Saturday 4/28
Today we went to the ward party and there were several non-members there! We were able to also have a lesson with the kid named Josh. He read out of the Book of Mormon and actually choked up as he read some versus, it was cool to see the Spirit touch his heart. It’s starting to get plenty warm here in Las Vegas this week.  It has pretty much been in the 90s every single day. Let's just say I have to drink lots of water haha.

Sunday 4/29
Tonight was pretty crazy.  We had a lesson with Diamante, who was the former Jehovah Witness for 15 years. After that lesson, we also had a lesson with Dave, who is also a former Jehovah Witness. Some Mexican guys saw us walking down the street and they called us over and had us come eat at their party. It was a Christian group that was celebrating a lady’s birthday. They had a little taco truck thing and cake and lots of singing... At this party, we actually met a less active member, who was baptized in Hawaii about 10 years ago but since has gone all inactive haha. It was pretty crazy and I couldn't understand a thing they were saying haha. At one point they were passing a kiss around the room from couple to couple and they looked at US and we were like never haha. Thankfully they let it skip us. Haha

Here is my failed attempt to make dry ice root beer. The extract was terrible. I might need mom to send me the good stuff.

Monday, April 23, 2018


4/16 Monday
Tonight was sooo awesome, but kind of frustrating though! We had a Family Home Evening with Alex and Anna and their family! Elder Rivera brought his ukulele and so we sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” and “I Am a Child of God.”  We also did a few magic tricks for the kids and then taught the Plan of Salvation. Their kids are Matthew (15), David (11), and Jocelyn (5). After we taught the Plan of Salvation, Anna was like, wow, that is absolutely amazing. She then told us about a dream her mother-in-law had about her husband who had passed away. I guess he came to his wife in a dream and was dressed in all white and he told her, “hey, there are three levels and I am in the lower one and told her to continue on.” Like I said, he was dressed in all white except he had a little bit of mud on the bottom of his pants. The Spirit was like crazy strong and she was like yeah they are Catholic and so I guess it is all the same..... My face was like what?!?! Don’t you get it? haha We testified of the Plan of Salvation and then headed on our way. On our way back to the apartment the wind gusts were crazy and it was like funneled down this road and when we took the corner, Elder Rivera actually got blown off his bike haha.

4/17 Tuesday
Tonight was interesting, we went to teach an unbaptized 9-year-old named Ashton. Ashton was ticked that we were there to say the least haha. He was like yelling at us to leave and was super rude the whole time. It was so awkward and so we ended up leaving without really teaching much.

4/18 Wednesday
Today was Zone Conference. It was a super good conference and I learned a lot. We had several trainings on teaching techniques, as well as, using ward council to coordinate missionary efforts. We taught Roxanna today and read out of 2 Nephi chapter 2. It was really good and she enjoyed it.
Zone Conference - Elder Rivera and Elder Call (front row far right)

4/21 Saturday
We had exchanges today. I stayed in the area and we had some cool experiences. We went to see a less active part member family and the dad came out and we started talking to him and he had been baptized a few years back. We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to think about a question that ways on his mind. We then asked him to open up to a random page and read the first verse that sticks out to him. He started reading and about halfway through the verse he started laughing, then you could see the Spirit touch him. He said, “wow, that is crazy. It answered it. I can’t believe it.” We testified that the Book of Mormon will answer his questions and he said that he would be asking that book a lot of questions haha.

4/22 Sunday
We got a little bit of a scare tonight. We dropped by Alex and Anna and they were in their garage enjoying a few drinks because it was there anniversary. Alex is kind of a tad drunk and he was like, “Guys, I am going to be honest with you. My parents are Catholic, my wife’s parents are Catholic, we are Catholic.... “ In my mind, I was like, oh no, he is going to drop us. He then continued, “and Anna and I were thinking about you guys and we have a question, “Why don’t Catholics do what you do?” Haha, we were like I don’t know, but what we do is right haha! It was cool and we are starting to see some real progress with them!

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Stronger the Wind, the Stronger the Trees

4/8 Monday
Tonight we had a lesson with Vernon! We were finally able to get in there and sit down with him. We had previously set him with a baptismal date but he didn’t make it on the day and tonight we were able to extend another baptismal invitation for May 17th. It has been pretty cool to see how the Lord has helped him take stumbling blocks from his life so he can learn about and accept the gospel.

4/9 Tuesday
Today was a solid day. We had District Meeting this morning and in the afternoon we had correlation with one of our ward mission leaders. Tonight we contacted a referral that a member gave us. This guy is a retired nuclear physicist at least that is what I think it was... the guy is way awesome and said he is actually about halfway through the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, he is reading it as a historical book instead of with “real intent, having Faith in Christ.” We also were able to get the green light to teach an unbaptized 9-year-old in the ward and so we have our first appointment next Tuesday.

4/10 Wednesday
Today we went on exchanges with the elders we live with. I was with Elder Windham. He is from North Carolina and is a straight genius! He got a 36 on his ACT and wants to go into Astro physics or something like that. It was kind of a trashy day.  We got to teach two of their recent converts in the YSA ward and then spent like 2 hours at the dermatologist because of some skin issues he is having. We exchanged back at dinner time and Elder Rivera and I had a decent night.

4/11 Thursday
Wow it was super windy today and it honestly was super terrible! haha If you opened your mouth you would be chewing on dust. It was pretty miserable, but as President Monson would say, “Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.”

4/13 Saturday
Today we had a lesson with Diamante. He is a former Jehovah Witness. He hates that church and when we street contacted him he wasn’t super interested, but, said he would like to look into the church a little bit. We met with him tonight and he had a notebook out and took a ton of notes haha. It was a super good meeting.

4/14 Sunday
Today was nuts! Today at church they announced that Alex Boyé would be at the stake center tonight performing! We got approval to go and brought Diamante! It was soooo awesome haha. Alex has a great conversion story and is super funny and obliviously a super good singer. His message was about our true identity, as well as, many other things, like the importance of reading the Book of Mormon daily. It was way fun and Diamante enjoyed it.
Diamante, Elder Call, Alex Boye, Elder Rivera