Monday, March 12, 2018

The Flow

2/5 Monday
“Only dead fish go with the flow.” Today,
the elders I live with and another set were begging to go hit up this crusty, dusty, Asian buffet. They wanted to go eat the sushi. I was a little hesitant and was trying to convince them otherwise but decided to “go with the flow.” The place was nasty and I felt sick walking in there haha. I tried sushi for the first time and a mussel. There are some pictures attached. We tried convincing one of the elders the wasabi was guacamole. He didn’t believe it, but we still got him to eat a bunch of it with his sushi haha. Elder Goold complained all day of an upset stomach and I am not surprised haha. We have felt the last few days, we needed to go and see a lady we met a long time ago and had given a Book of Mormon to. We knocked with no answer, but as we were leaving the dad of the family pulled up in the driveway because he had just gotten off work. We started talking to him and he asked “What is the difference between Catholics and Mormons?” It was all over from there.  We started teaching and testifying of many gospel principles and he loved it so, hopefully, we will be able to start teaching them!

2/6 Tuesday
Tonight we had two lessons that went decently well! We taught the referral, Roxanna, as well as, JC and Niki. It was hard to teach Roxanna, because she was trying to eat, as well as, take care of her 6-month baby, while listening, so it was a little rough haha.

2/7 Wednesday
Today we had Zone Conference. It was pretty good.  We talked about the importance and the power of the Book of Mormon. We had another lesson with Nada. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and invited her to pray about it! She said that the Book of Mormon that had been given to her was taken by her dad, so he could read it haha! So we gave her another one! She is super awesome!

2/8 Thursday
Today was absolutely crazy. We did our weekly planning session, went and did some finding without too much that happened. After dinner, we saw a guy that we street contacted the other day and so we started to talk to him again. His car was broken down and so we helped him start it, after the car got started the man started to hit on me... he was like would you like me to give you a kiss to say thank you? And I just had to say “I ain’t about that.” Ha ha. He then wanted us to go for a ride with him in his car. We denied and bounced. Later that evening we were riding through this park and this girl started screaming for help. It was dark and late, probably 8:15 at least and so we rode over there and she was like “call the cops, call the cops.” We did and she was there with her boyfriend who just hurt her and stole her stuff. The boyfriend bounced and jumped a wall and took off and then she took off. We tried following them but they ended up jumping onto a car and taking off. We talked with the officers for a little while and then we went home!  Crazy night.

2/9 Friday
It was the big 20th birthday today and nothing too crazy happened! We had a good lesson with the Gotchy’s and asked them the interview questions and they are all set except they won’t come to church.

2/10 Saturday
Today was a wreck. Actually two wrecks. Today started off with a lesson with Lomax. We finished teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had the lesson at the Bishop’s house. Bishop’s dog came out to say hello to everyone and Lomax was like, “What in the world! I saw this dog in my dream last night.” It’s kind of weird, but hopefully, it was a sign to her. We taught her about the necessity of Priesthood Authority and she definitely did struggle with that a little bit, but she is going to pray about the restored authority.
In the afternoon we were riding and Elder Goold went to ride up on a curb and his tires slide out and he went down on the concrete! Later tonight, after dinner, Elder Goold was riding and a truck caught his eye and his handle bars went into the fence and it threw him over the handle bars and bent and ruined his front tire. It was a rough day for Elder Goold!

2/11 Sunday
We got two new investigators tonight. It was a really, really, GOOD NIGHT. We met a man named William. He let us take a seat on his front porch and we started to teach him. He had many questions about the gospel and about Mormons. After we had talked for a little bit he said, “something I did not tell you guys at the beginning was me and my wife are heavily involved in a Pentecostal Church.  My wife is the Pastor’s Assistant.” He then asked the question, “We both believe in God, and we both believe in Jesus Christ, what should motivate me, and my wife, to convert to Mormonism?” We then were able to testify of eternal families and of the Plan of Salvation. We have a return appointment with him on Friday and he told us that he wants to read the Book of Mormon. He is sooo awesome. We also taught a staunch Catholic and that went pretty well too!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Pretty Crazy

2/26 Monday 
Today was a good p-day. I wasn’t feeling super good, so I didn’t play any basketball. I just talked to some of the other missionaries in the zone. We got a referral today for a lady that has taken the first three discussions already and that had just moved into the area! We were stoked! We went and contacted her and she seems very solid. We will be teaching her early next week. We had a couple member visits and that was about it for the day! 

2/27 Tuesday 
Tonight was pretty solid. We were able to get in and teach Robert. He is the guy from Salt Lake. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. He was a little distracted, because he has this Rottweiler that is just massive and wants to eat us, so that was a little intimidating. We invited him to church and to the Zion’s Youth Concert. Hopefully, he will go to both of them! We also had a lesson with a lady named Karla. Karla was taught and baptized by Elder Jensen and Elder Bird! She was struggling a little bit, but the Spirit was there as we testified of the Atonement! 

2/28 Wednesday 
Today was pretty crazy. The ward mission leader came with us to the lesson of one of our investigators that has many health issues. When we knocked on the door she answered and she was shaking really bad and said she was having a low sugar attack and she couldn’t get her sugar to rise. We jumped into action and went to a neighbor, who is a member, and got her some juice. We tried some other things and it was not working. We gave her a blessing and immediately her blood sugar rose and she stabled out. She then was feeling better and gave us her life story... it was quite long, but all was well! 

3/1 Thursday 
We had a couple lessons tonight and invited our investigator Dave and his anti-girlfriend to Zion's Youth, so hopefully, they will come! 

3/2 Friday 
Today we had a lesson with Lomax.... it was a rough lesson. It started an hour late and the member we had there kept interrupting her and kept saying things that caused a bunch of questions. I wasn’t super happy to say the least! 

3/4 Sunday 
Today, Lomax came to church! She almost got up to bare her testimony, but she said she got too nervous. Tonight was Zion’s Youth and all those that we invited showed up, so that was a blessing! The Spirit was strong and everything was great! 

It is crazy to think I am not going to be a teenager anymore! (Happy Birthday Ben, on March 9th.)

I think about Grandma Call often and love and miss her. There is a family that I work with that lost their grandmother a year ago and still cannot get over it. They haven’t worked since her death and it has filled my heart with gratitude for the gospel and the knowledge I have that my loved ones are in a better place!  (Grandma Dianne Call passed away March 7, 2012, and is on our minds and in our hearts, especially this week.)

Monday, February 26, 2018


Hey everyone!

The weather has gotten super cold but I am surviving barely haha.  I told Hannah, "Cold wind, cold hands, cold hearts." (The week was a little slow.)

We weren’t able to see Lomax this week because she got the flu. We had a super awesome lesson with a lady named Michelle. Michelle has two kids and both have converted to the church. She has grand-kids on missions and she is surrounded by members haha. When we talked to her she said, “well, we can meet but I am going to tell you right now, you aren’t going to convert me.” I love challenges so we will see about that.  In the lesson I told her, “Michelle, this isn’t about conversion, it is about finding truth.” She was like, I am in my seventies so I think it is about time I find truth haha.
Elder Rabago, Elder Goold, Elder Garces, Elder Call

We also met a lady named Kathy this week. Kathy came out right off the bat and told us she was intoxicated. She was very funny and a bunch of her family was yelling at us from the inside of the house.  She was like you know guys I want to change my life around but now isn’t probably the best time... they were partying....

We had a great lesson with the Maynard’s and was able to set the Father with a baptismal date. There is a lot of work to get him ready but hopefully it will happen.

Not much else, lots of love
Elder Call

Monday, February 19, 2018

Many Miracles

Dear Sweethearts,

It was a great week here in Las Vegas. We saw many miracles. Here are a couple stories:

Robert and Barbara:

A couple weeks ago we went and knocked on their door pretty late at night. Robert came to the door and said he was not feeling well and asked us to come back in the afternoon sometime. We kind of took it as somewhat of a brushoff. Elder Goold felt inspired to go and see them on Friday afternoon. We knocked on the door and we heard from inside Barbara say, “yeah I really wanted to go to their church.” Robert came to the door and one of the first things that he asked was, “When is your next mass? I want to come.” We were definitely a little bit shocked haha. Robert is an older man that is fighting Leukemia right now. He has a very weak immune system and has been sick for the last couple of weeks and was not able to make it to church Sunday.  Because of that as we talked to him at the door and he asked if we would like to come over and have a discussion with him over lunch some time. He was quite nervous as he asked that so it’s kind of funny. I guess members and some missionaries helped them move from California and they were touched by that!


Once again a great week for Lomax, she honestly is sooo awesome! She is a sweetheart haha. We taught her not on the street corner this week but we were able to go to our Ward Mission Leader’s house and teach her there. She is getting a ton of pushback from her family which is quite hard on her. We testified and talk of the power of the Book of Mormon and invited her to gain a testimony, for herself, of its truthfulness. As we read and taught the Spirit was very, very strong and my testimony was strengthened.  I do know the Book Mormon is true as Nephi states and I believe the third verse in 1 Nephi as he tells us that he knows it is true.  I know, just as sure as Nephi, that the Book Mormon is true as well. The Book of Mormon definitely does change lives.

A new investigator:

The other night we went to potential investigator who hadn’t been contacted in about six months. We knocked the door twice with no answer as we walked away we heard the door open and so we ran back and met the potential investigator. We started talking to her about her first contact with missionaries and found out they had given her a Book of Mormon.  We asked her if she had read it and she said yes.  We then asked her if she would like to learn more and she said absolutely. And then she asked where the church was.  Once again we were shocked. It was a big miracle.

A different Robert:

We went and knocked on a former investigators door and Robert answered. Robert spent 41 years in Salt Lake City. He doesn’t know too much about the church but he does know little bit obviously. He is super, super nice and let us in right away. We think there’s a lot of potential with him.  He has a daughter and grandkids that live right across the street from him. That would be sweet be able to baptize the whole family. There’s a lot of work between now and then, so we’ll see what we can do haha.

We survived Valentine’s Day with only one group of girls driving by and screaming at us. So you could say it was definitely a success. haha.

It was a solid week here in the snowy weather. Stay cool.

Elder Call

So, this week we did a challenge to see who could eat an entire Little Ceaser’s Pizza the fastest. haha  You better believe it, I won. I smoked ‘em all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Great Week

February 5th-12th

2/5 Monday
Today was a pretty normal day. We went shopping and bought 180 dollars’ worth of groceries haha! We will be eating well. We also went to Goodwill Thrift Store and found some diamonds there. They have some of the ugliest ties I have ever seen but the fatter the better! (See picture). We got in with a former investigator tonight and taught him the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was super strong and I know he felt it!  We asked for a return appointment and he declined, which I was just shocked about. It was kind of a bummer.

2/6 Tuesday
Today was a solid day. For District Meeting this morning we worked on asking inspired questions. We all learned a lot and the missionaries loved it. Not too much happened this afternoon, but tonight was really good. Elder Goold was able to place several Book of Mormons and we started an exchange with the Spanish Elders in our district. I will be serving with Elder Delgado tomorrow. He is from Colombia.

2/7 Wednesday
Today was great, I love serving in the Spanish areas. We taught quite a few lessons and in one of them I couldn’t understand the dudes Spanish at all, so I almost fell asleep. haha Seriously, though it was bad. We hit up a little taco stand which was straight fire!

2/8 Thursday
Today, we weekly planned, as usual and tonight we had a lesson with the Maynard family. It was really good, we had the dad, who is a nonmember, say the closing prayer. We asked their little girl how she felt and she said, “If you were allowed to open your eyes during a prayer, you would have seen me smiling!”

2/9 Friday
We had a lesson with Lomax! She is such a sweet heart haha! I love her so much and she honestly is so fun to teach! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it.

2/10 Saturday
Today, I was on exchanges with Elder Smith. He is super and we saw some serious miracles!  We taught Vernon today and set him with a date for March 17th! We reset the Gotchys for March 10 and we hope to set Lomax for March 3. We taught Lomax again today and she was like, you know I feel like these people that will go to the Celestial Kingdom will get resurrected first! Hahaha no way! It was so funny!  She taught us the first and second resurrection. Lomax was like you know boys, I can honestly say, I love you! She then said she wanted to keep in touch with us after our missions.

2/11 Sunday
Today was great. Lomax came to church and loved it. I thought she was going to shout amen or hallelujah as we were singing “I Know That my Redeemer Lives.”  We had a ‘Be a Friend Sunday’ and we got several super solid leads of people to start teaching! Tonight we got transfer calls and Elder Goold and I will stay together another transfer!!

Exciting stuff!

Elder Call

Monday, February 5, 2018

Slower Week

So this week was a great week. Elder Goold got in a fight with some concrete. The concrete must of been from Call Ready Mix because the concrete won. Haha, no we were cruising too fast down a road in our area and Elder Goold had to hop off a curb and it ended poorly! He lost a shirt and roughed up a pair of pants.  He is alright and got a little road rash. We had kind of a slower week but we are excited for this upcoming week. It will be good!

Creepy thing in a park in our area

A guy in the ward, (Brother Radmall), came up to me at church and was like "I served with a missionary from Star Valley. I think his last name was Kennington haha!  (This is Uncle Garry Kennington)

 So we got some fresh ties this week! 

Monday, January 29, 2018

A Few Miracles

The weekly  (1/29/18)
This week was pretty legit. We saw many miracles. Just to name a few

On Thursday, we were at our apartment for weekly planning and about halfway through our weekly planning we got a knock on the door. We were like what the heck.  So went to the door and there was a younger guy standing outside. We opened up the door and said what’s up? He was like you guys are Mormons aren’t you. We were like Yep, and so we asked him what we could help him with and he said he just needed someone to pray for. We had a picture of Jesus Christ on a window in our apartment and he saw that so that is why he knocked on our door. We gave him a Book of Mormon and testified of the power of it. He was very grateful. It was super sweet to have someone knock into us instead of us knocking into them!

We street contacted Lomax and then a couple days later she got onto and referred herself and asked for a Book of Mormon and a Bible. We dropped by her place once we got the referral and we got no answer so we left a card.... well, Lomax’s son-in-law found the card and he was pissed that his mother-in-law was talking to the Mormons. He got on the internet and showed her a bunch of stuff. She then got mad at him and said I don’t care what that all says, I am going to meet with them and judge for myself. We couldn’t go to their home, so we met on a street corner and taught her the restoration! It was sick! She came to church on Sunday, too!

Well, Melody is quite the lady. We were tracting and we met Melody. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she told us it vibrated in her hands. We joked with her and said it was hooked up with our phone but it was just that she was a little drunk. She quickly fell in love with Elder Goold‘s good looks. She started telling us a bunch of interesting stories about her living situation and about the two people that she wanted to drowned and kill. Later that night she called us and we were stuck on the phone with her for like a half hour. She insisted on giving us an iPad but we would not take it. She was a little crazy... haha

Well, I hope you all stay warm for me out there, I have been cruising around in the short sleeve shirts, so it has been really nice!

Love you all!