Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Dear Family & Friends:

Sorry for the surprise last week.  This last transfer as well as the next one are going to be different and crazy! It is fun to be back with Elder Renel! I had felt for a long time like I wasn't sure if I had grown or changed.  But, being back with a previous companion, I can look back and see a little change!! Haha

7/18 Tuesday
Today, we had a leadership meeting as well as a half trainer meeting. They went well even though it was in a format so Elder Renel and I had to be training the entire time because we had the missionaries split in several groups. Tonight I am super stoked because there is this family that we have tried a lot and the ward council has asked us to visit that family and finally we got them to answer! They are big time lacrosse players and so they are out of town a ton. We are going to have a lesson with them next Tuesday!

7/19 Wednesday
Today was another packed day! We taught Ken tonight and he is doing a lot better than he has been so that is exciting! We gave him a blessing because he was struggling with a few things.

7/20 Thursday
We taught the Myers kids and Janice and found a super solid potential! It was good.

7/21 Friday
We saw Brenda tonight and she was offended by her visiting teacher so it was a little iffy but we got it all squared away! We also taught Ken tonight!

7/22 Saturday
I got challenged to a game of street ball while street contacting, and if y'all want to know Elder Call’s weakness, it is street ball! Thankfully, we walked away with the W! so it was fun! They were talking serious trash haha. We had a couple great lessons and we just had an all-around good day!

Sorry for the weak letter but next week will be better!

- Elder Call NLVWM
On Monday, July 24th, Ben's mom got a phone call from a member of the SV community.  This man had received this picture from his cousin that lives in Las Vegas and was sharing the picture with him, who shared it with me.  

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