Monday, July 10, 2017

God Bless America!!!

Dear Family & Friends:

7/3 Monday
Today was a lot of fun! We played some really good basketball because we had some high schoolers come that were pretty dang good! Elder Bird got taken to church and straight up dunked on! Haha it was dope!

7/4 Tuesday
It was a pretty crazy day! Our zone leaders wanted us to be in by six just so nothing would happen to all of us! We taught a couple of lessons and those went well! It was impossible to not be filled with gratitude today! I am grateful for the opportunity to live in a free country where I am allowed to talk to anyone and share my beliefs. I know that if it weren't for others serving our country I wouldn't be able to serve my Savior! What a powerful thing to ponder! God bless America!!! I was completely blown away with the amount of fireworks tonight. We watched them for a short while and I couldn't believe the amount of booms haha!

7/5 Wednesday
Today we had MLC! It went well. We got a new car today, it is a brown Corolla!  It is pretty nice. We taught Ken, Dylan, and Janice tonight and all of those went well! Janice is excited for her baptism. Ken we are going to have to move it back and Dylan is getting baptized on Saturday!

7/6 Thursday
 We called and made a lot of assignments for Dylan's baptism. We are hoping that there will be a good turnout. We have been teaching a few kids with the last name of Myers. They are great. Their mom isn't interested but she loves having the kids learn. I figure within the next week we will set them with a date.

7/7 Friday
We had the departing temple trip today and it was so awesome! I love being in the temple. There are so many super great missionaries going home it is sad to see them getting to the end but we be all right. Tonight we taught Tracy about the Book of Mormon. It is a little frustrating to teach her because she feels the Spirit but doesn't want to come to church or progress too much.

7/8 Saturday
Haha it was a stressful day! We call Dylan 30 minutes before his baptism and we were like where are you?? He said oh my dad came and we went to the store? What time am I supposed to be there? So right at 3:00, he rolls in and then our ward mission leader is 15 minutes late haha but we got it to all work and had a great service even though it started late. I can't stand it when people are late!!

7/9 Sunday
Let me just say I love confirmations! There is such a power and spirit in the words receive the Holy Ghost!! Dylan is a stud and I am excited for him!

- Elder Call NLVWM

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