Monday, July 17, 2017

God's Love

Dear Family & Friends:

Things are going well! Here is my week:

7/10 Monday
President Walker, Elder Call, Elder Bird, Sister Walker
Today was a great day. We meet with President this morning and it went a little longer than we were expecting. We have a lot of things happening in the mission this transfer so we started to talk about transfer planning. We are having a hard time deciding who to have train. I got a haircut, played some ball, and played the most competitive game of corn hole in my life and got the W. haha We had the opportunity to be with Janice and Joseph and President Walker! It was a spiritual uplift! I am grateful the Lord has blessed us to be able to work with them.

7/11 Tuesday
Thank heaven for seven eleven to be over haha! We had a busy day today! We did as much as we could for transfers and didn't get as far as we were hoping! There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration for each companionship. Transfer planning is extremely spiritual though! We pray and ask for confirmation on each companionship and we know it is what the Lord wants! President took us to dinner and then we headed out to proselyte at 5:30. We saw Ken tonight and asked him the baptismal questions. His testimony of Joseph Smith is struggling a little bit and so we invited him to read Joseph Smith History and pray about him! We also saw Brenda and Tracy tonight and taught the Plan of Salvation. They kept bringing up some minor concerns and we tied it all back to the big perspective of God’s love! Of course we got a Slurpee.

7/12 Wednesday
We got to actually have a full morning schedule today so we got some exercise, planning AND studying in!! After that we headed to the office for another day of transfer planning. We set a goal to get two more people with a date tonight from 6:00-9:00 pm. We started by seeing the Myers’ and were able to set Anthony and Tristan with a date to be baptized! We then went and saw a lady named April. We knocked on the door and an older black lady answered and started to talk to us. She said that April wasn't there and tried to end our conversation. We then asked if we could have some water and she let us in! We were able to start teaching her but she wasn't really interested and then April got home! April sat down and then her kids came and joined in on the lesson. We had a super awesome lesson and invited them to be baptized and they want to be baptized on the 19th of August! We not only hit our goal tonight we blew it out of the water!! Haha

7/13 Thursday
Today was super awesome. We went over to Joseph's house to give him the baptismal program assignments.  We were talking to him about the entire experience. He told us that he had said a prayer after a spiritual experience he had and asked God to please make a way for him to come back to church. He did not want to push or pressure Janice. Shortly thereafter, we knocked on their door and Joseph said immediately he recognized there was something different with Elder Evanson and I.  He said the reason he let us in was because he knew we were obedient and living the way we should. That is probably the best compliment you could ever get as a missionary. Janice noticed it as well and after we left she felt she needed to take the lessons! They are super awesome!

7/15 Saturday
We had Janice's baptism and it went great! There were a lot of people there to support her. It was probably the most spiritual baptism I have been to, it was wonderful! Tonight we did transfer calls and it all went well.

7/16 Sunday
Janice asked me to confirm her and that was a great privilege! She is now a member of the Church! Also, the Herleans’ from my last area came to church with their grandma who is in the Town Center Ward and they said they will be moving into the ward by next month!! And Nixon the youngest one wants to be baptized now! I was stoked! Haha

7/17 Monday
Said farewell to the missionaries today and it was tough to see this group go home. There were 11 former zone leaders and 3 assistants including Elder Bird and Elder Evanson. I did not want to say goodbye to either one of them, because, they had been great examples to me! I forgot to mention that I got my new companion yesterday and his name is Elder Renel!! Yes, my trainer! He has one transfer left and he has to serve it with me as an assistant, I feel bad for him haha!

I love you all,

- Elder Call NLVWM

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