Monday, August 21, 2017

Testimony of Book of Mormon

Dear Family & Friends:

8/14 Monday
Today was great! We had half of a p-day and then had a great day of finding and teaching. Today we talked with a couple of kids that are unbaptized and set up a time to go see them later in the week. After that, a guy stopped us and started to question us on a bunch of things and we backed him right into a corner at one point haha. He was talking about the Book of Mormon and said, "I want proof, I want the facts that it is true. No matter where I go and what country I am in 2+2 equals four. No, that is a fact"
I began, "Sir, do you believe God is an all knowing being?"
"Yes" he replied
"Ok, do you believe that this all knowing God loves each one of us"
"Of course"
"Alright," I continued "do you believe this all knowing and loving God answers your prayers"
Once again he agreed and said, "absolutely"
"So if this all knowing God that loves you answered many of your prayers about a certain thing would you take it as 100 percent truth with no doubts?"
"Yeah, If God told me in my heart I would."
"Bingo, God has told me in my heart time and time again and I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I know He can do it for you."

The spirit was strong, but like any time you have this type of conversation with someone it doesn't do much for either side haha! We met just the nicest guy tonight. His name is Ben.... must be in the name... but we met him in his garage and started to get to know him a little bit. He lived in Utah for a while and he knows a lot of Mormons and loves them. He said if there is one religion he would convert to from his Catholicism it would be Mormon! He is super curious about the church so we were able to teach the restoration and it went well!

8/15 Tuesday
Not too much happened today!

8/16 Wednesday
I was on exchanges today with Elder Jensen from New York. He is a great missionary and taught me a lot. They serve over two wards one of them being Charleston!! My ol' stomping grounds! We had a day full of teaching and appointments. We taught a recent convert that grew up Muslim on one side of the family and Christian on the other. She is around 18 maybe 19 but is headed to BYU and to work at the MTC. It was a cool lesson because we talked about the impact her decision has made and is going to make.  We had a great day and we saw several miracles. To end the night, I got to go visit Kitos and his family! It was fun to see them. It has been awhile since I had seen their family!

8/17 Thursday
Today was a spiritually uplifting day. We started it by going to the temple for our quarterly trip! It was great we rode there with the Smiths. Brother Smith has been a mission president twice and now serves as a sealer at the temple! We asked him all sorts of questions and got a lot of great insights from him. They also have probably the nicest car I have ever ridden in haha. After the temple we did some weekly planning and had interviews with President Walker. Tonight we met with Dan and he actually let us in this time and we were able to go over the introduction to the Book of Mormon he is a lot more open to it then he used to be. He lived by the scripture in Revelations until we were able to resolve that concern! After Dan we went and saw a lady named Pat. We were able to teach her the Plan of salvation and she loved it but to be honest she loves every religion and every belief, so that is going to take some work helping her feel the spirit and truth in what we have to say.

8/19 Saturday
I went on exchanges with Elder Jensen today and was on bike haha good stuff! It was good to get a nice workout again! We had a great night and contacted a ton of people! It was a lot of fun!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Editors Note:
On Saturday, Aunt Maria received a pic and a text from a friend in her and Daryll's old ward, this is what it said:

"Invited the missionaries over for peach cobbler and guess who came over?  Elder Call was on exchanges with Elder Jensen!! I mentioned to him that you were out of town at a wedding and he said it was his brother's wedding!  That's too cool."
Elder Call and Elder Jensen

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Atonement is Real

Dear Family & Friends:

8/7 Monday
Tonight we had a Family Home Evening with Jared and Lori and it went pretty well! Their kids are something else and so it is hard to be able to hear and teach effectively in the home. The member we brought was super perfect for the family. He was baptized a year or two ago and grew up Jewish and is just completely covered in tattoos which I think is awesome to see that the Atonement is real!

8/8 Tuesday
Today we had a lesson with a lady named Jenny. It is interesting to teach Jenny and sad at the same time. For the longest time she complained about how she couldn't find a job and now that she has found one, she complains about it. It kills me to see how negative she is and we just want to somehow help her see that happiness doesn't come from the outside in, it is from the inside out.

8/9 Wednesday
Today we were on exchanges and there isn't much to report.

8/10 Thursday
Today we found out one of our recent converts had slipped back into some old habits and made some mistakes and so we went and saw her and made a plan to help with that. She is doing well though and we aren't too worried about her. It is amazing to know the Atonement of Jesus Christ is for everything and everyone! We meet a guy today as we were checking in at a guarded gate that was from India and he asked for a card and said that he wanted to go to a service!

8/11 Friday
Well, we had a lesson with Ken today and that went well...... not! He started like challenging us on every point we taught and just wasn't having the apostasy. So that was a little iffy. We got a call today from the man we had met the day before from India. His name is Albert. During the phone call I asked him if he wanted to tour our chapel. And so right then we gave him a chapel tour. It was super awesome. We had a couple other lessons tonight. One of them was with the Lanes. They have two daughters, one who is nine and not baptized and the other is five. They are hard to teach because the five-year-old doesn't like her sister getting all the attention and so she is making crazy amounts of noise to try to get us to give her some attention. Emily, the nine-year-old said she wants to be baptized but she is scared of water.

8/12 Saturday
We had dinner and a lesson with the Bird family which is a part member Filipino/American family. It went pretty well. We taught the Plan of Salvation and hopefully it will touch their hearts. We taught the Myers kids tonight, we reviewed the Word of Wisdom and it was pretty great because it sounded like they were starting to tell everyone about it and about how what they were doing was wrong haha. Kids are so honest that it is great!

8/13 Sunday
We didn't have that great of a turn out to church today. It is Elder Renel’s birthday today and here were a bunch of people from the ward that knew because I guess his dad posted something on some Facebook page for missionaries' moms and they all wished him a happy birthday so it was super cool. We had a great day!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Mighty Change

Dear Family & Friends:

This week was sooo great we saw a lot of miracles and we had a great turn out to church!  Ken is doing alright! He came to Sacrament AND Sunday School, so that was good to get him to come a little bit more than just the first hour!

7/31 Monday
Today we meet with President to do our MLC Prep. MLC is on Wednesday, and we are looking forward to it! After our meeting, we went to play basketball with the Canyon Springs Zone. When we rolled into the parking lot, they were packing a missionary out in a wheelchair haha. We asked what was going on and I guess this missionary was playing soccer without shoes on and broke his toe... Not sure why he needed a wheelchair, but oh well.

8/2 Wednesday
Today we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council)! It was great. Elder Renel and I had the discussion topic of “How Obedience Will Help Our Mission Have a Christ Centered Culture.”  As we prepared, we kept thinking about all the outward blessings that come from being obedient, more baptisms, more investigators, etc. The more we thought about it, we realized that our approach was wrong. Yes, most of the time we are blessed externally for our obedience but that shouldn't be why we keep the commandments. It should be because we know it will change us internally or in other words, have us have a change of heart. It is sad to see members and missionaries who follow the commandments just for outside blessings and when God needs to rest us a little bit and let us grow, they give up and say that it must not be because blessings stopped coming. But it is important to know the greatest blessing of all is a change of heart! Alma 5:12-13
12 And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart. Behold I say unto you that this is all true.
13 And behold, he preached the word unto your fathers, and a mighty change was also wrought in their hearts, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. And behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved.

8/3 Thursday
So we have been trying to work with this family that hasn't come to church in a long time. The dad served a mission in Florida and the wife is actually a convert. They have a 9-year-old daughter that won't get baptized just because she is scared of water! Haha that is a tough concern to overcome. We also saw Joseph and Janice tonight they are headed to Havasu Pi Falls this upcoming week! Hey found out that there is a Mormon Church down there, so they will be able to partake of the Sacrament!

8/4 Friday
Where do I even begin.... today we saw miracles!!!!  I was on an exchange with Elder Smith from South Carolina. We had great contacts all day long but one was just spectacular. We started talking with these drunk guys and they weren't having it so we moved on and saw another man next door on his garage. We said hello and walked towards him and he came right up to us and introduced himself. After a little talking he said his wife LOVES Mormons and has some coworkers and different things and he has always respected us. About 20 minutes into the conversation, his wife pulled up and told us about how she does genealogy and loves the church websites. She couldn't stay and talk but she said she would love to have us continue visiting them as long as it was OK with Jared (the husband) and he was all for it. We kept talking to him and he grabbed some chairs because he had a few questions. One of the first questions was about the Trinity and when he heard our beliefs he was stoked, because that is exactly what his belief was. This went on for like an hour and forty-five minutes! He loved it. We invited him to pray and read and specifically pray about being baptized! We set up to go by tomorrow! He has four kids and they are such a great family!

8/5 Saturday
Today I was on exchanges with another missionary in his area. We worked super hard and got to meet some great people. Elder Renel and Elder Wright worked our area, so I wasn't able to teach Jared but tonight I heard all about the lesson! He had read the introduction all of the testimonies in the front of the Book of Mormon and absolutely loved it. Ha had prayed and he felt the Spirit tell him he needs this for his family and he should be baptized. The topic of Family Home Evening was brought up and he asked if we could come and show him how to do a Family Home Evening for his family! I am sooooo excited for him and his family! They probably won't make it to church because it is their son’s birthday on Sunday and they already had made plans.

8/6 Sunday
Today was great we had 5 investigators at church and many other non-members that were just visiting! It was great! Tonight we swung by Jared and Lori's with Brother Parker and dropped off some cookies! They were doing well! We also had a great lesson with a family we have been working with a little bit ever since I got to the area. The first time I met them the dad told us that he wasn't really interested in coming back but tonight we asked them about getting ready to go back to the temple and they said they feel like it is time!!! This was super great news!

I had a great week this week and I am always looking forward to the upcoming week! Love you all!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Dear Family & Friends:

7/25 Tuesday
Zone Conference. Zone Conference went pretty well today, but it never goes without a mistake haha. Today we could not get the mics to work. That is always fun. Tonight we had a few minutes before a lesson and so we went and saw a man in the ward named Brother Bos. He was baptized a few years ago and is from Belgium. He was baptized 30 days after stepping foot on the USA. It is way nice because Brother Bos speaks French and so Elder Renel and him had a hoot. Brother Bos has three kids and a wife that aren't members of the church. They have been closed off, but hopefully, with Elder Renel being able to speak their own language, he will be able to connect with them!

7/26 Wednesday
Zone Conference once again! And today was definitely eventful haha. As we sat down for lunch a noticed Elder Renel acting a little weird.  He was eating real slow and was very delayed in his movement but classic Elder Call thought to himself, "that is strange he'll probably be alright" and I went to get things set up for the second half of the zone conference. Well before I knew the entire gym was dead silent and there was President and Sister Soderburg around Elder Renel. I guess Elder Renel tried standing up and went completely white and almost went down but was caught in time. We took him to a couch in the hallway where he fell asleep and was out for like two hours. We loaded him in the car and he spent the rest of the day sleeping until dinner time and then he woke up, so we got back to work and had a great night! They don't know what happened to him but he is doing well now. We saw Ken tonight and he had a rough week. On Sunday his niece (who has bad autism) had to go to the ER because of pneumonia and some other stuff. Then yesterday Ken got his mo-ped stolen.  He has to walk to and from work which takes him like 45 minutes and he doesn't have a ride to church anymore... bummer. Something super exciting is that we got in contact with Dan again after like 2 months! He is great and we will be teaching him tomorrow. As we were walking back to the car tonight, a 20 year old started yelling, 'hey Christian people, hey Christian people."  We started talking with him and he said that he wanted us to go see him on Friday. He is a little awkward and followed us all the way to our car and once we drove off he then continued on his way.

7/27 Thursday
Thankfully nothing eventful happened today at Zone Conference and we can take a little bit of a breath now that it is over. We had been asked by the ward council to start visiting a returning inactive man that served a mission in Europe somewhere. We decided we would give it a shot to invite the less active guy to come fellowship Dan and it was soooo perfect! I was pumped about the lesson because it not only strengthened Dan, but the member as well! We visited the Myers kids tonight and unfortunately the mom said that it was fine if we teach them and that they come to church but they can't be baptized until they show they are ready, so hopefully they will tell their mom all the things they are learning. There is a girl named Mireya that is a good friend of the Myers that always sits in on the lessons and comes to church. Mireya's mom is so ready for the gospel but it is hard to be able to teach her because she is a little closed off. Tonight we offered to do service and we were able to help them and their attitude towards us changed completely and she said, "you know I am going to have to have a discussion with you guys sometime!” Haha it was perfect!

7/28 Friday
Zone Conference is over but we had TNMT meeting. I thought it went well. We had a lesson with Janice and Joseph tonight on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We drew a little sketch:

What a wonderful opportunity it is to partake the sacrament each week to be able to repent and strive to do better and in return have the spirit in our lives to help us throughout the next week until we can partake of the sacrament once again!

7/29 Saturday
Today I was on exchanges with Elder Ebert. Elder Ebert is a super good missionary. He has baptized a ton and should be an assistant haha. We had a super fun time and we had a lot of success. We had a good time!

7/30 Sunday
Ken came to church today, as well as a man named Bob Smith and the Myers came! It was great!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Dear Family & Friends:

Sorry for the surprise last week.  This last transfer as well as the next one are going to be different and crazy! It is fun to be back with Elder Renel! I had felt for a long time like I wasn't sure if I had grown or changed.  But, being back with a previous companion, I can look back and see a little change!! Haha

7/18 Tuesday
Today, we had a leadership meeting as well as a half trainer meeting. They went well even though it was in a format so Elder Renel and I had to be training the entire time because we had the missionaries split in several groups. Tonight I am super stoked because there is this family that we have tried a lot and the ward council has asked us to visit that family and finally we got them to answer! They are big time lacrosse players and so they are out of town a ton. We are going to have a lesson with them next Tuesday!

7/19 Wednesday
Today was another packed day! We taught Ken tonight and he is doing a lot better than he has been so that is exciting! We gave him a blessing because he was struggling with a few things.

7/20 Thursday
We taught the Myers kids and Janice and found a super solid potential! It was good.

7/21 Friday
We saw Brenda tonight and she was offended by her visiting teacher so it was a little iffy but we got it all squared away! We also taught Ken tonight!

7/22 Saturday
I got challenged to a game of street ball while street contacting, and if y'all want to know Elder Call’s weakness, it is street ball! Thankfully, we walked away with the W! so it was fun! They were talking serious trash haha. We had a couple great lessons and we just had an all-around good day!

Sorry for the weak letter but next week will be better!

- Elder Call NLVWM
On Monday, July 24th, Ben's mom got a phone call from a member of the SV community.  This man had received this picture from his cousin that lives in Las Vegas and was sharing the picture with him, who shared it with me.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

God's Love

Dear Family & Friends:

Things are going well! Here is my week:

7/10 Monday
President Walker, Elder Call, Elder Bird, Sister Walker
Today was a great day. We meet with President this morning and it went a little longer than we were expecting. We have a lot of things happening in the mission this transfer so we started to talk about transfer planning. We are having a hard time deciding who to have train. I got a haircut, played some ball, and played the most competitive game of corn hole in my life and got the W. haha We had the opportunity to be with Janice and Joseph and President Walker! It was a spiritual uplift! I am grateful the Lord has blessed us to be able to work with them.

7/11 Tuesday
Thank heaven for seven eleven to be over haha! We had a busy day today! We did as much as we could for transfers and didn't get as far as we were hoping! There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration for each companionship. Transfer planning is extremely spiritual though! We pray and ask for confirmation on each companionship and we know it is what the Lord wants! President took us to dinner and then we headed out to proselyte at 5:30. We saw Ken tonight and asked him the baptismal questions. His testimony of Joseph Smith is struggling a little bit and so we invited him to read Joseph Smith History and pray about him! We also saw Brenda and Tracy tonight and taught the Plan of Salvation. They kept bringing up some minor concerns and we tied it all back to the big perspective of God’s love! Of course we got a Slurpee.

7/12 Wednesday
We got to actually have a full morning schedule today so we got some exercise, planning AND studying in!! After that we headed to the office for another day of transfer planning. We set a goal to get two more people with a date tonight from 6:00-9:00 pm. We started by seeing the Myers’ and were able to set Anthony and Tristan with a date to be baptized! We then went and saw a lady named April. We knocked on the door and an older black lady answered and started to talk to us. She said that April wasn't there and tried to end our conversation. We then asked if we could have some water and she let us in! We were able to start teaching her but she wasn't really interested and then April got home! April sat down and then her kids came and joined in on the lesson. We had a super awesome lesson and invited them to be baptized and they want to be baptized on the 19th of August! We not only hit our goal tonight we blew it out of the water!! Haha

7/13 Thursday
Today was super awesome. We went over to Joseph's house to give him the baptismal program assignments.  We were talking to him about the entire experience. He told us that he had said a prayer after a spiritual experience he had and asked God to please make a way for him to come back to church. He did not want to push or pressure Janice. Shortly thereafter, we knocked on their door and Joseph said immediately he recognized there was something different with Elder Evanson and I.  He said the reason he let us in was because he knew we were obedient and living the way we should. That is probably the best compliment you could ever get as a missionary. Janice noticed it as well and after we left she felt she needed to take the lessons! They are super awesome!

7/15 Saturday
We had Janice's baptism and it went great! There were a lot of people there to support her. It was probably the most spiritual baptism I have been to, it was wonderful! Tonight we did transfer calls and it all went well.

7/16 Sunday
Janice asked me to confirm her and that was a great privilege! She is now a member of the Church! Also, the Herleans’ from my last area came to church with their grandma who is in the Town Center Ward and they said they will be moving into the ward by next month!! And Nixon the youngest one wants to be baptized now! I was stoked! Haha

7/17 Monday
Said farewell to the missionaries today and it was tough to see this group go home. There were 11 former zone leaders and 3 assistants including Elder Bird and Elder Evanson. I did not want to say goodbye to either one of them, because, they had been great examples to me! I forgot to mention that I got my new companion yesterday and his name is Elder Renel!! Yes, my trainer! He has one transfer left and he has to serve it with me as an assistant, I feel bad for him haha!

I love you all,

- Elder Call NLVWM

Monday, July 10, 2017

God Bless America!!!

Dear Family & Friends:

7/3 Monday
Today was a lot of fun! We played some really good basketball because we had some high schoolers come that were pretty dang good! Elder Bird got taken to church and straight up dunked on! Haha it was dope!

7/4 Tuesday
It was a pretty crazy day! Our zone leaders wanted us to be in by six just so nothing would happen to all of us! We taught a couple of lessons and those went well! It was impossible to not be filled with gratitude today! I am grateful for the opportunity to live in a free country where I am allowed to talk to anyone and share my beliefs. I know that if it weren't for others serving our country I wouldn't be able to serve my Savior! What a powerful thing to ponder! God bless America!!! I was completely blown away with the amount of fireworks tonight. We watched them for a short while and I couldn't believe the amount of booms haha!

7/5 Wednesday
Today we had MLC! It went well. We got a new car today, it is a brown Corolla!  It is pretty nice. We taught Ken, Dylan, and Janice tonight and all of those went well! Janice is excited for her baptism. Ken we are going to have to move it back and Dylan is getting baptized on Saturday!

7/6 Thursday
 We called and made a lot of assignments for Dylan's baptism. We are hoping that there will be a good turnout. We have been teaching a few kids with the last name of Myers. They are great. Their mom isn't interested but she loves having the kids learn. I figure within the next week we will set them with a date.

7/7 Friday
We had the departing temple trip today and it was so awesome! I love being in the temple. There are so many super great missionaries going home it is sad to see them getting to the end but we be all right. Tonight we taught Tracy about the Book of Mormon. It is a little frustrating to teach her because she feels the Spirit but doesn't want to come to church or progress too much.

7/8 Saturday
Haha it was a stressful day! We call Dylan 30 minutes before his baptism and we were like where are you?? He said oh my dad came and we went to the store? What time am I supposed to be there? So right at 3:00, he rolls in and then our ward mission leader is 15 minutes late haha but we got it to all work and had a great service even though it started late. I can't stand it when people are late!!

7/9 Sunday
Let me just say I love confirmations! There is such a power and spirit in the words receive the Holy Ghost!! Dylan is a stud and I am excited for him!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why Does God Love Us So Much?

Dear Family & Friends:

Here is my past week:

6/26 Monday
Tonight we started the no smoking program with Ken! He is ready and excited to get rid of his habits and addictions! We also saw Brenda and Tracy! Brenda told us that she is addicted to genealogy now and spent 8 hours that day working on it haha! We weren't able to go to the temple last week, so hopefully, we can make it this week!

6/27 Tuesday
Today was a tough day. President called and asked us to go to a missionary’s apartment and tell the missionary to pack his bags because he was getting emergency transferred. He wasn't too happy to say the least but it is the last thing that can be done to try to save this elder. After he packed, he spent the rest of the day with Elder Bird and I and then we dropped him off with a set of missionaries that will be his companions. We pray all goes well for him.

6/28 Wednesday
We had an office staff meeting today and we found out that the elder we were with yesterday will be going home. It was super disappointing. We went and saw Brian and Tracy tonight. It has been long time since we saw them and so it was good to catch up with them. They asked if we could come teach them again!

6/29 Thursday
I was on exchanges today with Elder Goad! We taught a lady from the Philippines and a guy from Iran it was pretty cool. The guy from Iran was super weird.  He loves the Mormon Church more than anything, but he just doesn't want to be baptized haha.

6/30 Friday
Not much for today except we did another emergency transfer shifting.

7/1 Saturday
I was with Elder Heahnel today. We had a great day and taught 5 or 6 lessons. We taught the Myers boys today about the Book of Mormon.  As we taught and testified, I felt the Spirit and I felt my love grow for the many blessings God has given us especially the scriptures! A question I ponder on a lot is, “Why does God loves us so much?” I think about Christ's life and his Atonement, the gospel in our lives, the blessings of the priesthood, the scriptures, our families, the list goes on and on and I am marveled at the list of things God has done to show us his love and there truly isn't a complete answer of why but I am truly grateful that He does!

7/2 Sunday
I awoke in the middle of the night to, "Call, watch out, Elder, Elder Call, watch out!" I was like what the heck is going on, so I say, "What? Elder Bird what are you taking about."
He said, "Someone just got hit by a car" and was then right back to sleep. It was super weird haha. This morning I asked him about it and I guess he was having a dream about it... it was pretty funny.

Ken came to church and is still going strong with no alcohol and no smoking! Janice is doing well, also!

Have a great week!
- Elder Call NLVWM

Monday, June 26, 2017

Atonement of Jesus Christ

Dear Family & Friends:

6/19 Monday
Today started early and quickly! We headed to the church, right away in the morning, to make sure it was all set up! Mission tour went super smooth and it was super great to learn from Elder Costa! The only p-day time we got this week was from 4:00-6:00 and so we got our shopping done and a couple other things taken care of!

6/20 Tuesday
I had the privilege to conduct today, which was a good time! It was definitely a new experience, because I don't have too much experience with that kind of stuff! Something that we have been discussing the last couple of days at mission tour is the “Enabling Power of the Atonement.” It all comes from a talk by Elder Bednar. We, as members of the church, understand a lot about the “redeeming power of the Atonement,” but not too much about the “enabling power of the Atonement!” The Atonement can not only help us go from bad to good, but also good to better! Tonight we got to go to dinner with President and Elder Costa and his family. President Walker was driving ahead of us with Elder and Sister Costa with him and then Elder Costa’s kids were in the next car and then us! It was straight chaos trying to keep up with them! Our tiwi kept yelling at us to slow down but we needed to keep up. The drive ended by President running over a curb because he went into a wrong turn lane to get to the restaurant and Elder Costa’s kids followed them, but Elder Bird and I decided we would drive a little further just to keep it safe! Haha Dinner was a great time and we got to talk a lot and share the gospel with our waitress!

6/21 Wednesday
Today was exchanges! I was with Elder Paige once again. Today started by doing a couple hours of service pulling weeds out of a backyard! It has been a minute since I was able to work like that, so it was fun to do that! Today we worked hard and we were able to meet with a kid named Graylon. We taught him the restoration and he accepted a baptismal date of July 22! Unfortunately, we will have to pass him off to the Young Single Adults (YSA). It was a great day!

6/22 Thursday
Haha, where to begin? Today was slammed with hints to do and it had an interesting start! We went on two exchanges during the day/evening and are on exchanges again tonight. I had a great experience with the missionary I was with earlier tonight. When Elder Bird and I meet up with this companionship, I could tell right away the missionary I was spending the evening with was not doing good. I sat down with him and he begin his rant of how bad of a missionary he was. I listened for a little while and told him that the Lord had someone out there waiting for us to find.  And after we had found him we would come back and talk! We had a super, super good night and set a man that we street contacted into with a date! This missionaries countenance completely changed and he was a different man in just three hours! It was cool!

The day's adventures. Report is "he is fine."

6/24 Saturday
We meet with Janice today and earlier in the week. We taught the law of chastity and the Word of Wisdom. Janice was telling us that she is struggling big time with coffee! She has to go to Starbucks and get a cup of ice water because she needs the cup to cover her temptations! Haha she is solid!

6/25 Sunday
We were asked to speak in church today and so we did that! I talked about having the faith to find people that are ready for the Gospel! It went well!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Treat money well spent.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Where True Happiness Comes From

Dear Family & Friends:

6/12 Monday
Well, today, I got all my hair chopped off... and got to play some ball and that's about it!

6/13 Tuesday
Wow, that was a nerve racking lesson with Ken tonight. I thought he was going to drop us haha. We started teaching about following a prophet and he was not a fan of there only being one prophet. His idea of a prophet was that anyone who talked about Christ was a prophet. We were able to clear that up a little bit but we still have some work to do there. He said he would pray about it and see what God had to say!

6/14 Wednesday
So, today, I was on exchanges with Elder Tanginoa. He is from Tonga and he is super awesome! We had a great day.  We taught Brenda and Tracy and we were able to set them with a day to go to the temple! It was great! We saw Joseph and Janice tonight and we had a spiritual lesson, setting Janice with a baptismal date of July 15th! We talked about how one day they are going to have children that will be wearing white shirts and ties teaching people! That is the dream. Today we got a call from Dylan and he said he can't be baptized on Saturday 😪. The person he wants to baptize him isn't available on Saturday and so it has to be pushed back for the next little while, because, he leaves for scout camp on Saturday the 24th and doesn't get back until the 1st. Somewhat of a bummer but it will be better for him.

6/15 Thursday
We had a meeting with President and Sister Walker this morning. They fed us breakfast and we discussed the upcoming Mission Tour that we are having on Monday and Tuesday! I am way excited for it. Elder Costa is coming! We will get to have dinner with him on Tuesday night! We meet with Ken this morning as well and showed him the video of President Monson’s talk entitled "Principles and Promises." He loved it! He opened up to us and told us that he thinks God is answering his prayers in unexpected ways! He said that as he has been reading and meeting with us, he hasn't had the strong desires to continue a lot of his addictions! He is great, we are going to be starting the nonsmoking program with him! Tonight we made the long ‘ol, haul out to Pahrump, Nevada, for an emergency exchange! It was a long drive and I am excited to spend a day in Pahrump!

6/16 Friday
Pahrump is an interesting place... I will say that much. It is a mix between like, Hanksville, Utah, Evanston and Kemmerer, Wyoming. haha. Trailer parks and mobile homes all day! At one point we went up to a house and knocked and we hear a man see that it is us and starts cussing super loud at us and then he opens the door and says "Hey guys, what's up? Talk to me!" Haha I was shocked. His house was quite disgusting. He had particle board for his flooring which was saturated with animal you know what. We asked the dude for water and he brought us a couple sodas. As I drank the soda there was a terrible smell and I realized, the can smelled just like inside the house... gross. We also taught a lady that was from Evanston, Wyoming!! It went great and so it was fun to be around people from Wyoming!

6/17 Saturday
Oh boy, we had a rough lesson! We knocked on a less active members house and went in and started to teach the 15-year-old boy about the importance of serving a mission. During the lesson I randomly got a bloody nose. I went to the bathroom and couldn't get it to stop... they had me in a recliner with an ice pack on the head and drinking water. It was a warm one today but I am not going to complain. You all have been asking about the heat. Yes, it's hot but I have decided that I wasn't going to complain about the heat. I think that even if it is a small statement it would be negative and I want to be positive!! The circumstances around us will always change and many times they will be miserable, hard, or sad, but circumstances don't bring happiness, the Gospel of Jesus Christ does.

6/18 Sunday
Haha Good times. We left our car keys (which has our apartment key on it) inside and closed the door to our apartment which locks automatically... We had to call Brother Marshal and get a ride to church! Thankfully, Elder Logan saved the day and had a spare key at the mission office. Janice and Joseph came to church and stayed for two hours which was great and Ken came again! Tonight we set up for mission tour! We are super excited but a little stressed out because we want things to go smoothly!

Happy Father's Day Dad!!

We have been super busy the last couple of days! Sorry for the lack of emails. I love you all! I will write about mission tour next week!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Monday, June 12, 2017

We Need the Gospel in Our Life

Dear Family & Friends:

Traffic to the airport.
So the other day we roll into an apartment complex and we spot a man we are going to go talk to. haha We scoped him from a mile. So we go up to him and start talking to him. It didn't take long to realize the old man was a little crazy haha. Out of the blue he goes, "Where did you come from, Mars??" I said, "Nah, we actually are from Jupiter" and Elder Bird lost it.  He started laughing and trying to hide it and the old guy says, "Oh yeah, that is the one that has more rings right?" The dude totally believed us, I think haha who knows?  Well, keep it real!

6/6 Tuesday
Running and gunning! Today started off with another adventuress drive to the airport! We had eight missionaries coming in today and they all are going to be super good missionaries. One of the sister’s luggage got stolen, so she will have to go shopping and get all new stuff. We said goodbye to Elder Evanson today. He is going to do great things in the Rancho Ward his last six weeks. We let a set of zone leaders use our car to help with transfers and we got it back today and they had made a mess out of it haha. There was stuff stuck in the seats and crumbs all over it was pretty gross. We weren't too happy, but what can you do!

New Missionaries.

6/7 Wednesday
We had MLC (Mission Leaders Conference) today and that went well! Right in the middle of one of our training's, this monstrous cockroach was crawling on the wall behind me. As I was talking I started to notice that eyes were following something behind me and I turned around to see a real big cockroach on the wall behind me... gross. President stomped it after it started running around. At one point it was under Sister Walker’s scriptures. haha She was more disgusted than me hahaha. We had a couple good lessons tonight with Dylan and Brenda! Dylan is stoked to get baptized on the 17th!

6/8 Thursday
We got to go teach Ken today! To be completely honest the lesson was pretty rough at the beginning, but Ken definitely felt the Spirit and he is starting to change! It is amazing to see the gospel change people! We saw Jenny again tonight! We are really struggling getting her to change and really become committed but we did set her to be baptized on the 8th of July. She needs the Gospel in her life super bad. She is headed to San Diego for a few days so we won't be able to see her for a little while.

6/9 Friday
Well today didn't go as well as planned! Most of our lessons fell through and we also ran out of water and so it is going to be a long haul until Monday so we can actually get some water into our bodies! We talked to some nice people and got a return appointment but nothing crazy solid!

6/10 Saturday
We taught a lot today! We started at Joseph and Janice's place and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson! They are awesome! I can't wait for them to progress in the gospel as a family! We then taught Ken, and Brother Warden came and it was a really great lesson! Ken said that he is all in and ready to be baptized! He is definitely excited about the path he is on! He is changing so much! We also met with a lady tonight that right off the bat felt the Spirit because we shared a scripture that touched her big time! It was sweet! She said she would come to church!

6/11 Sunday
Ken came to church and loved it! Also Janice and Joseph came and they liked it! Both talks had amazing stories that were perfect for Ken and Janice! It was great. Dylan came to church and is all set to be baptized on Saturday! It was a great week!

Things are well in Las Vegas! Next week Elder Costa is coming for a mission tour and we get to go to dinner with him.  It will be sweet! I am super excited! Elder Bird and I are getting along well! We already have our halibut trip planned!
Love you all

- Elder Call NLVWM

Brenda & Tracy's baptism

Saying Good-bye to Elder Barton -- See last week's post

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We Work Harder

Dear Family & Friends:

Time flies!  It has already been six weeks since last transfer, thus the Tuesday letter.

I would really appreciate some snail mail 😘😘

5/30 Tuesday
Stressful day today for sure! We did transfer planning and we found out that Elder Evanson was going to be dropped and we would be getting Elder Bird. I am little stressed to take the responsibility of training a new AP. We will be getting Elder Bird on Saturday. We met with Dylan and then also Brenda tonight they are doing well and Brenda is ready and super excited for her baptism on Saturday!

5/31 Wednesday
So yesterday we received a referral for a man named Ken. Ken went on looking for addiction help and started to chat with a representative and was referred to us. We met with him today and had a good lesson. It was pretty funny because pretty much everything we said about prophets, the Godhead, and the Book of Mormon he would just say, “Wow, I am going to have to pray long and hard about that one!” Haha at least he is willing to pray! We saw Janice and Joseph tonight and had another spiritual lesson with them!

6/1 Thursday
Satan tries hard, we try harder. Every time someone is getting close to baptism Satan tries to keep them from that. Brenda called us today and told us that Tracy doesn't want to be baptized anymore because she wouldn't be able to be confirmed with Brenda because they live in different wards and their Sacrament Meetings start at the same time. We panicked a little bit but called Tracy and so we have somewhat of a game plan of how we will accommodate both of them. We also had a pretty rough lesson with Dylan and Brandon. We tried the bribery approach and told them we would give them a candy bar if they would read the first two chapters and write down three questions. The only thing it did was make them lie and give them a few more calories. haha Never again.... Tonight we prayed our hearts out for Brenda and Tracy because their baptism is on Saturday!

6/2 Friday
Prayers were answered!!! Tracy talked to her mother, who has been very ill and she was fine that Tracy was getting baptized! Tracy said that it will be fine that she gets confirmed by herself so that was such a blessing! We had a great lesson with a man named Dan. Dan is super awesome he started taking notes while we taught so he would remember and know what he needed to do! It was great!

6/3 Saturday
The baptism went really well! There were 5 non-members there! The problem was there was an auction going on in the gym at the same time and so it got kinda noisy. We picked up Elder Bird today and he is such a good missionary! He is from Klawock, Alaska. He goes home in six weeks though. I am excited to learn from him!

6/5 Sunday
Dylan came to church!! Also, Brenda got confirmed and it was super cool to see her countenance change! Right after her confirmation she got up and was sooo confident and happy! She was shaking people's hand and went up to the mic and thanked everyone! It was so cool! Another really awesome thing was that at Tracy's ward she was confirmed and Brad Wilcox was there and he gave her one of his books and it made her life! Haha Tonight we had the departing dinner for the missionaries going home. It was a lot of fun to be with those great missionaries. The food was way good!

6/6 Monday
We went to the airport to drop off the missionaries. I said adios to Elder Barton. The route to the airport is straight insane! I was a little nervous driving because traffic is super bad towards the center of town. It was like driving threw a cattle drive where the cows won't move out of the way! We meet with Ken and he wants to be baptized on July 17th! He still has a lot to pray about and learn but he is excited for his baptism!

Lots of love,
- Elder Call NLVWM

On Friday night a messages was sent home by a member in one of the wards Ben serves in with this caption:  "Your boys providing service ... or taking home leftovers ... we're not sure! 😉😉

Monday, May 29, 2017

Never a Dull Week

Dear Family & Friends:

5/22 Monday
Today was a good one. We spent a lot of our p-day in the office and then we went shopping. We went to Smith's and we were talking to the lady that gives out samples and she was super nice. While chatting it up with her, a man came up to us, apologizes to the lady and then starts praying that the scales over our eyes would be removed and that we may see that what we are doing is wrong and a bunch of other stuff. Haha, he walked of saying a bunch of stuff. I felt super bad for the poor old lady that had to listen to that but it was fun to see her light back up as we started talking to her as if nothing had happened! Every time opposition arises, my testimony is strengthened of all I know, especially the scriptures! 2 Nephi 2:11 ("For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things. If not so, my firstborn in the wilderness, righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither wickedness, neither holiness nor misery, neither good nor bad. Wherefore, all things must needs be a compound in one; wherefore, if it should be one body it must needs remain as dead, having no life neither death, nor corruption nor incorruption, happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility.")

5/23 Tuesday
What a day! What a day! What a day! Today we got a text from Josh and Amanda! We were stoked to hear from them again because the last thing we had heard was that Amanda was sick and in Michigan. Josh is the one that texted us and said that they were still in Michigan and Amanda's father was sick, so they were afraid they would be staying there for a while. A little later in the day we went and taught a lady named Tinisha. She is great and willing to learn more. After Tinisha, we were walking to our next visit and sure enough who did we see? Haha, Josh and Amanda! They straight lied to us. Haha it was a little disappointing but what can ya do??? We went to our next appointment and had a wonderful lesson with a lady named Maria! We saw Dylan again tonight and he already has a testimony of prophets, which was cool! We also talked with this older man that lives in a living home. He always is outside and had been taught by missionaries before but he said that the missionaries were inviting him to be baptized and that wasn't the missionaries right to do that haha. He wasn't interested at all and started to talk about politics and so Elder Evanson suggested he moved to Canada and then he started to go off about how great Canada would be. He liked the idea of living in an igloo and having a dog sled!

5/24 Wednesday
I was on exchanges with Elder Nemrow from New Mexico. He is a great missionary and we had a lot of success today. We talked to so many people that were super nice but just not interested which was a little frustrating because this is how the conversation would end:
"Could we set up a time to come by and share a message with you?"
"Nah, we aren't interested, but you are welcome to stop by anytime."
"Oh, ok, well have a good one."
"Hey, but put us down as a recommendation. We want you guys to stop by."
We had a couple conversations just like this haha... frustrating. But at least they were super nice and hopefully we will be able to meet with all of them eventually!

5/26 Friday
We had several meetings today and some office things to take care of. Missionaries were complaining a ton this month because it was a 5 Monday month and they are out of MSF so we had to come up with a way to give out some money to missionaries. It was more complicated than you might think haha. Conclusion came out to be just give the missionaries 20 extra bucks. I was all about leaving them be, but the Walker’s felt really bad for the missionaries! We had a drunk dude start yelling at us for knocking on his neighbor’s door late at night (who is a member). We told him that we knew the people real well but he wasn't buying it, he was upset, haha. The members didn't answer so it made the situation a little more awkward haha.

5/27 Saturday
We were on exchanges with Elder Jensen and Elder Ebert today. Elder Jensen and Elder Ebert have been companions for 9 months! Crazy how long they have been together. They are so awesome and Elder Jensen and I had a blast today. We were teaching these two ladies and they asked where Elder Ebert was and so I said that Elder Jensen was teaching me how to be a missionary and so they were convinced I had only been out a short time! Haha just the way I like it. We had a bomb lesson with them and they are super excited to read the Book of Mormon! We also taught a man named Joe. Joe is an interesting guy.  He is straight paranoid about homeland security and thinks that he needs to protect everyone in his neighborhood. His neighbors hate him haha! Tonight right before we exchanged back we felt we should knock one more door. We did! We met a super nice Hawaiian man who said that he would like for us to come back! It was a great way to end the night!

5/28 Sunday
Today we spoke in church! We had 7 investigators come and support us! I thought the talks went well. We spoke on the Restoration of the Priesthood and the Blessings of the Priesthood! It was a fun week folks!

Lots of Love,
- Elder Call NLVWM

Haha so here we go....

The other day we were walking down the street at like 8:30 and there was a garage that was open and so classic missionary move, we headed straight for that bad boy! Haha sure enough it worked again! There were two guys in the garage that were father and son. We started talking to the dad and we asked about his garage because this guy had a lot of music stuff. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.... he spent the next thirty minutes telling us about his band. He has what he calls a full studio in his garage and him and his son run the band "The Reflextions" after describing and telling every story the man has about his band we started to talk to his son who is in his thirties. The son probably hadn't showered in a solid couple weeks! We were a good ten feet away and our noses were on fire. Anyway they tried selling us their first actual sale on a cd but they didn't quite talk us into it. So they just gave us a cover haha.

Never a dull day in Las Vegas!
Love you all!

Monday, May 22, 2017


Dear Family & Friends:

5/15 Monday
Today was a lot of fun. We went to the outlets and went shopping for a little while and then played some ball! It was a crazy cool night too! We had another missionary with us tonight who is headed out tomorrow morning to the Boise Idaho Mission. He is a super awesome missionary. We were in a large apartment complex that is gated and super nice, so we weren't able to knock random doors, but, as we were walking away this Elder got prompted to challenge Elder Evanson to knock on this random door that was half the way open. Well we did and the lady was pretty nice and come to find out her and her husband are less actives and they know a lot of this Elder’s family back in Utah! It was nuts!

5/17 Wednesday
Today was an exchange with Elder Couch! It was a blast! It was fun to be reunited after all this time! We have changed and grown so much over the last 10 months. We still like fishing and hunting haha. We taught this guy that used to be taught a while ago but was never baptized. He struggles with a few of the commandments. We testified of the blessings and importance of keeping the commandments of God. We almost set him with a date but he isn't quite ready unfortunately. Thankfully, Elder Couch and I have gotten a little better at teaching since the MTC!

5/18 Thursday
Powerful day! We taught Joseph and Janice tonight. Joseph is a return missionary from Chicago. He was an AP for a long time in his mission. He hasn't gone to church for several years. He married Janice a few months ago and she is not a member. We taught about the Book of Mormon and at the end Joseph asked Janice to pray. She said that she wouldn’t and then after a little more encouragement she said she would do it if we each took a turn. Joseph prayed for the first time in their marriage and during her prayer she started crying as she asked if the Book of Mormon was true. It was so awesome!

5/19 Friday
I was on exchanges with Elder Paige today. We found a super cool guy named Martell. He felt the spirit and wants to continue being taught. It was in the toughest area in the mission, so it was super good to have the Lord bless us with a man in our path!

5/20 Saturday
Today, I was on exchanges with Elder Van Vleet! He is a super good missionary! He serves in the Franco's old ward and so it was fun to meet some of the Franco's friends at a luau! (Note:  The Franco’s are Aunt Maria and Uncle Daryll. Pictures are thanks to the friends via Aunt Maria.)
Elder Van Vleet and Elder Call

Friends of Aunt Maria and Uncle Daryll & Elder Call

5/21 Sunday
Brandi, Zion, and Salah came to church!!!!!  It was way sweet! (Note: Some Primary children made a sign for Elder Evanson and Elder Call.  A member sent the picture.)
Pueblo Ward Primary Class

Lots of love,
- Elder Call NLVWM

Monday, May 15, 2017

Best Referral!

Dear Family & Friends:

5/8 Monday
What a day... we got a lot done today and even got to play basketball for a short while! We met with a member family tonight and it went well.... sort of. This family has five real young kids that are super smart but full of energy. We asked them what blessings had come to their family thanks to the Gospel and while the dad was talking their son says "Boys aren't supposed to marry boys."  Wow, it was something else. Also, after we asked who they knew that could use the gospel their oldest daughter (8) blurted "Satan does."  That was the best referral I have ever gotten. Haha Satan most definitely needs the gospel in his life. I love the little story thing that talks about how we need to be the type of person that when we wake up and when we walk out the door Satan just cringes because he knows we will be doing all we can to fight against him and bringing others unto Christ!

Dream Come True!
Almost forgot to mention that while shopping today I found Lofthouse sugar cookies for 50 cents. If you know anything about me and Lofthouse cookies, you would be proud to know I only purchased two boxes. This was also funny, I got a haircut from a lady in my last ward today and when we walked into the salon Sister Walker was there getting her hair done! It was so crazy that we were there when she was there!

5/9 Tuesday
Zone Conference is this week and the first one was today. Today was the Rock Mountain and Las Vegas Zones. The conference went super well! Elder Evanson and I had it super easy. We only had to give one training on being happy.... haha it was way fun!  We had Sister Walker film everyone singing "If Your Happy." I think missionaries were a little surprised because our training wasn't a normal AP training but they loved it!  We also got to watch a video that was put together of a bunch of the baptisms in the mission! We taught Brenda and Tracy tonight and Brenda is doing super, super well! She has been reading and things have started to look up for her! She told us that she is happy again! I know that God does answer prays and he keeps promises! Brenda had been reading every day and she knows it is because of that that she has been able to overcome her challenges!!

Matching suits.
5/10 Wednesday
Another full day of zone conference! We had a couple lessons tonight and those went well! We are teaching an 11 and 13-year-old that are straight energy. It is super hard to keep them on track. Their mom is a convert and doesn't really want them to be baptized because she doesn't think they know enough but missionaries have taught them a lot. We are trying to get the mom on board so it will take some work.

5/12 Friday
It is good to have zone conference all done and be back to proselyting. We had to meet with President today and it is crazy the amount of things that change.

5/13 Saturday
We went on exchanges today! It was great. I was with Elder Rasband from Alpine, Utah. He has been out a transfer longer then me and he is such a great missionary. We were in their area and we did a lot of finding! We talked to some super nice people! There was one group of people that were outside with a basket of laundry that had white stuff all over their clothes they told us that they had left a little pack of tissues in their pockets. It made a mess. Haha reminds me of the gum in pocket days!

5/14 Sunday Happy Mother’s Day!
Church was great and got to see the family, so that was great. Just want to say I have the best mom. Love her to death!

The work is going well! There is another family that I didn't mention in the call--a lady and her sons that we are starting to teach this week. We have taught them once and they want to know more. They have a crazy story, the mom is scarred all over because her and her husband got caught in a house fire, her husband didn't make it out and now she is really having a hard time with all of the struggles that she has had. The amazing thing is that you the Gospel can help her so much. The knowledge of Christ's Atonement and the ability to repent and make and keep covenants with God can change anyone's life!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Editors Note:  On Sunday, during the Mother's Day phone call, Ben was asked what his favorite thing to teach/testify about was and his answer was “Testifying on the power of the Book of Mormon and how it changes a person’s life for the better and brings the person closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.”

Monday, May 8, 2017

100% Honest

Dear Family & Friends:

Did you see the temperature??! (pic from May 8, 2017)

4/30 Sunday
They came to church and loved it! We are teaching them on Saturday!! We had a couple other investigators show up as well! Things are picking up the n the wards!  Before church today we had some time so we thought we would go into a classroom to prep for the MLC (Mission Leaders Conference) meeting this week. As we were kneeling and in mid prayer a primary class came barging in and it surprised them but not only them... we hurried and got up and headed on our way so they could have their room. The teacher loved it though, and said "well class that is some 'real time' missionary work there." We found a different class and continued our preparation haha!

5/1 Monday
I am going to be 100% honest here... I am going to start by going back to my very first week in the mission. The first week on the mission was probably one of the longest weeks of my life or so I thought at the time. I remember every morning hearing the alarm after a long night of listening to snoring and just cringing because the days felt so long. I remember clearly waking up Monday morning after a whole week in the field and staring at the ceiling and thinking that I was so worn out I didn't want to move, but in my last moment of despair, I remembered that Monday was p-day and I was going to have a break. I thought to myself "I don't care what anyone says miracles still happen."  I thanked Him that morning in prayer for His kindness in letting it be p-day haha.  After that, the weeks have just flown by and I have loved every minute. What I am trying to get at is this week was another one of those "first" weeks haha. I am glad it is p-day!

5/2 Tuesday
Went to Elder Knowles district meeting and Elder Chadwick was there! It is so weird to be around someone that you have known for so long! We talked about goals. I love the quote in Preach My Gospel (PMG) “I am so thoroughly convinced that if we don’t set goals in our life and learn how to master the techniques of living to reach our goals, we can reach a ripe old age and look back on our life only to see that we reached but a small part of our full potential. When one learns to master the principles of setting a goal, he will then be able to make a great difference in the results he attains in this life.” –Elder M. Russell Ballard.  It is so true even on a daily/weekly basis on the mission!
Star Valley Elders: Call & Chadwick

We had a few lessons tonight that went well. We also did some prep for our first real training we will do together for the MLC group. We are excited about it. We saw Brian and Tracy for a few minutes tonight and we could see such a difference with them! The first time we met them they were very standoffish but as they have felt of the spirit they have completely changed! It is exciting to see.

5/3 Wednesday
Haha what a day! Today was MLC. It didn't go quite as well as we were hoping. There was a miscommunication and President thought we hadn't prepared anything for the second training we were supposed to do and so he pretty much scrambled and did his own thing which he is super good at doing! It all worked out but we definitely were a little stressed about it. One of investigators that has been progressing super well has hit rock bottom... we were supposed to meet with her and her friend tonight but only her friend showed up. Her friend told us that she is not the same right now. She had some stuff go down with the mortgage company and she hasn't slept in a long time and was super depressed and it was just some crazy stuff! We don't know what to do besides just pray that she can do what's right. It was a crazy day!

5/4 Thursday
We saw Brenda today-the one that has been struggling- she was doing a little better today. She told us she isn't as happy as she used to be and we were prompted to promise her if she read the scriptures daily and she was praying she would be happy! She is a great lady! We met a man in the ward that is from Belgium, he has quite the conversion story. For years he was a tour guide and he would take groups from Europe and he would travel the USA and so had to study a lot about each place they went and one stop was in Utah. He said that he would always tell his group that there were three things Utah was founded on Mormons, Mormons, and Mormons. People would ask questions so he would research about the Mormons so he could answer the questions. He noticed something so different about Mormon people it intrigued him a lot. He moved to America walked into a Mormon church and told the missionaries he wanted to be baptized. He said that the missionaries were like, "uhhhhhhhh well uhhh I think we could help you with that" They were pretty shocked then, 35 days after moving to the states he was baptized.

5/5 Friday
We went on exchanges today! I was with Elder Woffinden in his area. Every lesson that we were supposed to have fell through but we were able to have a great day! We scared a lady super bad. We were at a door and we pressed the doorbell and it must not have worked because a lady came cruising out of the house and then seeing us when she opened the door she nearly fell to the floor.  We felt super bad.  Scaring people isn’t a great door approach. Haha

5/6 Saturday
We taught Josh and Amanda and they loved it. They won't be coming to church tomorrow because they don't want to straight up abandoned the church they are attending now. They read a lot and ask great questions. Amanda is getting her doctorate degree in child psychology and he is a financial advisor! They are great!

5/7 Sunday
Church was great! Two teenagers that we have been working with came to church today and we taught them tonight. It was great.

- Elder Call NLVWM

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Busy Week

Dear Family & Friends:
Elder Evanson and Elder Call at Las Vegas Temple
There is so much to do and so little time to do it!  I am very busy all the time and we usually don't have time to eat! I lost 10 lbs in like 3 days! It is great though and I love being able to work side by side with President Walker!  He is such a great guy!  He and Sister Walker remind me of Mom and Dad so much it isn't even funny!  I love Elder Evanson!  He is a great missionary!  We are all about working as much as possible in our area so we only go to the office like once a week! We have a lot of training's to do and meetings!  I have never been so tired in my life, but all is well and I am happy and loving life!

4/25 Tuesday 
Spending today with the new missionaries! It all started off by receiving a call from President and being told we needed to be ready in ten minutes so we could take a missionary to the airport. We got ready as fast as we could and headed off. I didn't know it was possible to shave so fast haha. At the airport we needed to drop this missionary off quickly so we could be there when the new ones arrived. We ended up at the wrong terminal and barely sent him off before the new missionaries arrived! Seven missionaries came in and they all are great missionaries! We are excited for them! We went to a ward party that supposedly was canceled. No one told us so we kept driving around this massive park looking for a group of Mormons but didn't see any and so we called a member of the ward and he said it was canceled because of wind.... there was no wind. 

4/26 Wednesday
 We had a powerful lesson with Brenda and Tracy tonight about the Plan of Salvation. Tracy's daughter passed away a couple years ago and she has been the guide to bring them to the church! During the lesson, Brenda said that she keeps getting the chills and things were making sense! It was great! They are on track to get baptized on the 13th! We also taught a man and his girlfriend and that was a little awkward haha but what can you do! We will be meeting with them on Friday

4/27 Thursday 
Today we went to the temple! Our ride over to the temple was a really nice mustang and so that was a good time! The temple was great and very uplifting! It was nice to be able to take a breath from all the craziness this week! We had a couple lessons tonight and one of them was with a lady named Jenny. Jenny is an older lady that is anti "religion" but loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been taught that it wasn't the church that was restored is was the gospel. She has a baptismal date for the 20th and we are really trying to get her to come to Sacrament meeting this week! 

4/28 Friday 
Today was another busy day. We started off in a meeting with President so we could plan out the upcoming MLC (mission leader conference) and zone conferences. After that we had a meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers that went well. We had to go to the office and and do a bunch of stuff this afternoon.  Afterwards we went and taught a lady (Brandi) and her two sons named Zion, and Salah. They are a great family! The mom used to be a minister with her husband but he passed away so she doesn't do that anymore. 

4/29 Saturday 
We went on a four hour exchange with some missionaries that are struggling a little bit. I thought it went really well and I tried my best to build this missionary up as much as I could! We are praying for him and hoping the best. We had a lesson with a man named Pat this morning. He is a deep thinker and questions everything and so that was fun! Today we got a text from some potential investigators that said they were coming to church! Miracles happen daily! 

4/30 Sunday 
They came to church and loved it! We are teaching them on Saturday!! We had a couple other investigators show up as well! Things are picking up in the wards! 

Love you all have a great week! 
- Elder Call 🎰💵🎰💵 NLVWM 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lots to Learn

Dear Family and Friends:

4/18 Tuesday
Today in District Meeting we talked about how when you are obedient to God’s commandments, the Spirit will be with you and when the Spirit is with you, miracles may come. So exact obedience brings miracles, thanks to the Spirit! As a mission we have been pushing and encouraging sacrifice and obedience. This last month the mission had 55 convert baptisms! The mission hasn't seen that in years! It is exciting to be a missionary in Las Vegas! We saw the Russo's again tonight and brother Russo will receive the Priesthood soon and then Harbor’s baptism will soon follow!

Almost forgot...
Today after District Meeting we went to Firehouse Subs and Elder Beccari said he would pay for my lunch if I let him put any hot sauce he wanted on one half of the sandwich. I agreed to the deal, knowing that I was going to be hurting because Firehouse is known for their variety of hot sauces. I enjoyed my first half of the sandwich but no more than two bites in I couldn't take it! I was hurting super bad and I kept drinking more and more water... I still am not sure what was worse the tingling numbing in the mouth or the extreme belly pains from drinking sooo much water! The best part was Elder Beccari didn't think it would be that bad and so he put it on his sandwich and he was crying as well, haha!

4/19 Wednesday
Went on exchanges with Elder Bassett today! He is from South Carolina and is a great guy! I asked him what his hobbies were and I got an answer I never have gotten before! Origami and Star Wars Legos. He has been serving for 21 months. We had a lesson with a less active lady and talked about the spirit world and heaven because she asked about her father, who is not living the way she would like to see, and wanted to know what was going to happen to him. Afterwards she asked why live the way Christ wants us to now if we will have a chance repent in the next life. We asked her a question in response to her and I posed this question to myself after pondering on the lesson: “What blessings in my/your life come because of the knowledge and faith we have?” A list could go on forever.

4/20 Thursday
Today we met with a girl that was baptized about a year ago that has been less active for a few months now. She has a lot of faith and love for Christ. Her family wasn't supportive but she knew the gospel had been restored. She said she would come to church! So hopefully she comes!

4/21 Friday
I was on exchanges with Elder Beccari from Brazil today! He is a great missionary and was called as a district leader and so I am excited for him! We saw Brother Campbell and he was doing well! It was good to catch up with him! He is working towards the temple!

4/22 Saturday
We did a lot today! We were called into a move and then during that we went and helped shovel a bunch of rocks. We didn't have enough time to change and so we did it in our pros clothes. I love doing service and helping people out! I had a meeting with President today and he called me to be one of the AP's in the mission.... I have no idea what President is thinking. There are a lot of missionaries that should be the AP.  I am super scared and nervous. Tonight we had dinner with kind of the Mom in the area, Sister Hamilton! The Hamilton’s are the nicest people ever!  We had a 5 course meal haha. Shrimp cocktail, salad, sorbet to clean mouth, steak and potatoes, and then dessert. Wow, it was good but I wasn't able to eat much. Official transfer calls were tonight I will be headed to Redrock Stake in the Pueblo and Town Center wards! My companion is going to be Elder Evanson! Elder Evanson is from Canada and has been out 21 months he is a really good missionary.  I will be able to learn a lot from him. People are as shocked as I am because I have only been a district leader for 6 weeks.

4/23 Sunday
Our church day started early. We had to wake up at 5:30 so we could get ready for Ward Council. Krew passed the Sacrament today and it touched me to see such a great change in his life! I found out that one of the wards I am going to is Krew’s grandparents ward and so every time Krew and his family go to church with their grandparents, I will get to see them!
Elder Evanson & Elder Call

4/24 Monday
I am now with Elder Evanson and Elder Nicholas. We had a great day and are always super busy. Tomorrow we are picking up the new missionaries and Elder Nicholas will be leaving. Today we talked to a lot of people and set up some return appointments.  My head is going a thousand miles an hour... we have a ton of things that I never had to worry about haha! Elder Nicholas and Elder Evanson are extremely good missionaries and I have a lot to learn and I am excited for the challenge!

4/25 Tuesday
Spending today with the new missionaries!

I love you all!
Elder Call
Elder Jensen, Elder Pederson, Elder Ebert, Elder Call, Elder Price

Rodartes Family

The Headlee Family

Elder Pederson, Brother Headlee, Elder Call