Monday, June 26, 2017

Atonement of Jesus Christ

Dear Family & Friends:

6/19 Monday
Today started early and quickly! We headed to the church, right away in the morning, to make sure it was all set up! Mission tour went super smooth and it was super great to learn from Elder Costa! The only p-day time we got this week was from 4:00-6:00 and so we got our shopping done and a couple other things taken care of!

6/20 Tuesday
I had the privilege to conduct today, which was a good time! It was definitely a new experience, because I don't have too much experience with that kind of stuff! Something that we have been discussing the last couple of days at mission tour is the “Enabling Power of the Atonement.” It all comes from a talk by Elder Bednar. We, as members of the church, understand a lot about the “redeeming power of the Atonement,” but not too much about the “enabling power of the Atonement!” The Atonement can not only help us go from bad to good, but also good to better! Tonight we got to go to dinner with President and Elder Costa and his family. President Walker was driving ahead of us with Elder and Sister Costa with him and then Elder Costa’s kids were in the next car and then us! It was straight chaos trying to keep up with them! Our tiwi kept yelling at us to slow down but we needed to keep up. The drive ended by President running over a curb because he went into a wrong turn lane to get to the restaurant and Elder Costa’s kids followed them, but Elder Bird and I decided we would drive a little further just to keep it safe! Haha Dinner was a great time and we got to talk a lot and share the gospel with our waitress!

6/21 Wednesday
Today was exchanges! I was with Elder Paige once again. Today started by doing a couple hours of service pulling weeds out of a backyard! It has been a minute since I was able to work like that, so it was fun to do that! Today we worked hard and we were able to meet with a kid named Graylon. We taught him the restoration and he accepted a baptismal date of July 22! Unfortunately, we will have to pass him off to the Young Single Adults (YSA). It was a great day!

6/22 Thursday
Haha, where to begin? Today was slammed with hints to do and it had an interesting start! We went on two exchanges during the day/evening and are on exchanges again tonight. I had a great experience with the missionary I was with earlier tonight. When Elder Bird and I meet up with this companionship, I could tell right away the missionary I was spending the evening with was not doing good. I sat down with him and he begin his rant of how bad of a missionary he was. I listened for a little while and told him that the Lord had someone out there waiting for us to find.  And after we had found him we would come back and talk! We had a super, super good night and set a man that we street contacted into with a date! This missionaries countenance completely changed and he was a different man in just three hours! It was cool!

The day's adventures. Report is "he is fine."

6/24 Saturday
We meet with Janice today and earlier in the week. We taught the law of chastity and the Word of Wisdom. Janice was telling us that she is struggling big time with coffee! She has to go to Starbucks and get a cup of ice water because she needs the cup to cover her temptations! Haha she is solid!

6/25 Sunday
We were asked to speak in church today and so we did that! I talked about having the faith to find people that are ready for the Gospel! It went well!

- Elder Call NLVWM

Treat money well spent.

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