Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We Work Harder

Dear Family & Friends:

Time flies!  It has already been six weeks since last transfer, thus the Tuesday letter.

I would really appreciate some snail mail 😘😘

5/30 Tuesday
Stressful day today for sure! We did transfer planning and we found out that Elder Evanson was going to be dropped and we would be getting Elder Bird. I am little stressed to take the responsibility of training a new AP. We will be getting Elder Bird on Saturday. We met with Dylan and then also Brenda tonight they are doing well and Brenda is ready and super excited for her baptism on Saturday!

5/31 Wednesday
So yesterday we received a referral for a man named Ken. Ken went on Mormon.org looking for addiction help and started to chat with a representative and was referred to us. We met with him today and had a good lesson. It was pretty funny because pretty much everything we said about prophets, the Godhead, and the Book of Mormon he would just say, “Wow, I am going to have to pray long and hard about that one!” Haha at least he is willing to pray! We saw Janice and Joseph tonight and had another spiritual lesson with them!

6/1 Thursday
Satan tries hard, we try harder. Every time someone is getting close to baptism Satan tries to keep them from that. Brenda called us today and told us that Tracy doesn't want to be baptized anymore because she wouldn't be able to be confirmed with Brenda because they live in different wards and their Sacrament Meetings start at the same time. We panicked a little bit but called Tracy and so we have somewhat of a game plan of how we will accommodate both of them. We also had a pretty rough lesson with Dylan and Brandon. We tried the bribery approach and told them we would give them a candy bar if they would read the first two chapters and write down three questions. The only thing it did was make them lie and give them a few more calories. haha Never again.... Tonight we prayed our hearts out for Brenda and Tracy because their baptism is on Saturday!

6/2 Friday
Prayers were answered!!! Tracy talked to her mother, who has been very ill and she was fine that Tracy was getting baptized! Tracy said that it will be fine that she gets confirmed by herself so that was such a blessing! We had a great lesson with a man named Dan. Dan is super awesome he started taking notes while we taught so he would remember and know what he needed to do! It was great!

6/3 Saturday
The baptism went really well! There were 5 non-members there! The problem was there was an auction going on in the gym at the same time and so it got kinda noisy. We picked up Elder Bird today and he is such a good missionary! He is from Klawock, Alaska. He goes home in six weeks though. I am excited to learn from him!

6/5 Sunday
Dylan came to church!! Also, Brenda got confirmed and it was super cool to see her countenance change! Right after her confirmation she got up and was sooo confident and happy! She was shaking people's hand and went up to the mic and thanked everyone! It was so cool! Another really awesome thing was that at Tracy's ward she was confirmed and Brad Wilcox was there and he gave her one of his books and it made her life! Haha Tonight we had the departing dinner for the missionaries going home. It was a lot of fun to be with those great missionaries. The food was way good!

6/6 Monday
We went to the airport to drop off the missionaries. I said adios to Elder Barton. The route to the airport is straight insane! I was a little nervous driving because traffic is super bad towards the center of town. It was like driving threw a cattle drive where the cows won't move out of the way! We meet with Ken and he wants to be baptized on July 17th! He still has a lot to pray about and learn but he is excited for his baptism!

Lots of love,
- Elder Call NLVWM

On Friday night a messages was sent home by a member in one of the wards Ben serves in with this caption:  "Your boys providing service ... or taking home leftovers ... we're not sure! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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