Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Where True Happiness Comes From

Dear Family & Friends:

6/12 Monday
Well, today, I got all my hair chopped off... and got to play some ball and that's about it!

6/13 Tuesday
Wow, that was a nerve racking lesson with Ken tonight. I thought he was going to drop us haha. We started teaching about following a prophet and he was not a fan of there only being one prophet. His idea of a prophet was that anyone who talked about Christ was a prophet. We were able to clear that up a little bit but we still have some work to do there. He said he would pray about it and see what God had to say!

6/14 Wednesday
So, today, I was on exchanges with Elder Tanginoa. He is from Tonga and he is super awesome! We had a great day.  We taught Brenda and Tracy and we were able to set them with a day to go to the temple! It was great! We saw Joseph and Janice tonight and we had a spiritual lesson, setting Janice with a baptismal date of July 15th! We talked about how one day they are going to have children that will be wearing white shirts and ties teaching people! That is the dream. Today we got a call from Dylan and he said he can't be baptized on Saturday 😪. The person he wants to baptize him isn't available on Saturday and so it has to be pushed back for the next little while, because, he leaves for scout camp on Saturday the 24th and doesn't get back until the 1st. Somewhat of a bummer but it will be better for him.

6/15 Thursday
We had a meeting with President and Sister Walker this morning. They fed us breakfast and we discussed the upcoming Mission Tour that we are having on Monday and Tuesday! I am way excited for it. Elder Costa is coming! We will get to have dinner with him on Tuesday night! We meet with Ken this morning as well and showed him the video of President Monson’s talk entitled "Principles and Promises." He loved it! He opened up to us and told us that he thinks God is answering his prayers in unexpected ways! He said that as he has been reading and meeting with us, he hasn't had the strong desires to continue a lot of his addictions! He is great, we are going to be starting the nonsmoking program with him! Tonight we made the long ‘ol, haul out to Pahrump, Nevada, for an emergency exchange! It was a long drive and I am excited to spend a day in Pahrump!

6/16 Friday
Pahrump is an interesting place... I will say that much. It is a mix between like, Hanksville, Utah, Evanston and Kemmerer, Wyoming. haha. Trailer parks and mobile homes all day! At one point we went up to a house and knocked and we hear a man see that it is us and starts cussing super loud at us and then he opens the door and says "Hey guys, what's up? Talk to me!" Haha I was shocked. His house was quite disgusting. He had particle board for his flooring which was saturated with animal you know what. We asked the dude for water and he brought us a couple sodas. As I drank the soda there was a terrible smell and I realized, the can smelled just like inside the house... gross. We also taught a lady that was from Evanston, Wyoming!! It went great and so it was fun to be around people from Wyoming!

6/17 Saturday
Oh boy, we had a rough lesson! We knocked on a less active members house and went in and started to teach the 15-year-old boy about the importance of serving a mission. During the lesson I randomly got a bloody nose. I went to the bathroom and couldn't get it to stop... they had me in a recliner with an ice pack on the head and drinking water. It was a warm one today but I am not going to complain. You all have been asking about the heat. Yes, it's hot but I have decided that I wasn't going to complain about the heat. I think that even if it is a small statement it would be negative and I want to be positive!! The circumstances around us will always change and many times they will be miserable, hard, or sad, but circumstances don't bring happiness, the Gospel of Jesus Christ does.

6/18 Sunday
Haha Good times. We left our car keys (which has our apartment key on it) inside and closed the door to our apartment which locks automatically... We had to call Brother Marshal and get a ride to church! Thankfully, Elder Logan saved the day and had a spare key at the mission office. Janice and Joseph came to church and stayed for two hours which was great and Ken came again! Tonight we set up for mission tour! We are super excited but a little stressed out because we want things to go smoothly!

Happy Father's Day Dad!!

We have been super busy the last couple of days! Sorry for the lack of emails. I love you all! I will write about mission tour next week!

- Elder Call NLVWM

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